Wrap up a clever gift with this rainy day money gift idea. Everyone can use cash and an umbrella!

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Colorful striped umbrella closed with a something for a rainy day blue tag with a blue and yellow ribbon.
Creative Gift Everyone Can Use

Something for a rainy day gift supplies

Rainy day gift supplies: gift tag, money, umbrella, binder clips, fishing line, and hole punch

Rainy Day Money Gift

Attach the fishing line to the spines in the umbrella. Next tie the other end of the fishing line to the binder clip attached to the money.

tying cash into an open stripped umbrella with fishing line and using a binder clip.

When they open the umbrella they will be showered with money.

Stripped umbrella opened with cash hanging down on the inside with fishing line and attached with binder clips

Once all the money is attached, close the umbrella. The bills will be hanging out. Fold the bills back up around the umbrella with binder clips hanging around the bottom. Pull the cover down over money. Binder clips might slightly show.

closed umbrella with cash attached with binder clips

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