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Recycled Bracelet Craft for Kids

Amy Locurto - Living LocurtoHello, I’m Amy Locurto, a graphic designer and one of those “fun” moms. You know, the kind who doesn’t mind the dishes piling up in the sink?! I blog about party ideas, crafts and my creative life over on LivingLocurto.com.

I’m excited to be sharing a simple craft idea for kids with you today!

Are you a coffee drinker? I never was until I had kids. Oh, the things our kids can drive us to do right? Well, now I am addicted to my cup of Joe each morning and I can’t tell you how many Starbucks cup sleeves I have stored away for a rainy day craft or a scolding hot Texas summer craft!

If you love Starbucks as much as I do, instead of tossing the cardboard cup sleeves away, try making some cute bracelets. Not only is this a recycled craft, but a great activity to do with kids as well.

Gather your cardboard cup sleeves, glue, tape, stapler, scissors, ribbon, stickers, markers, paint, or any other items you want to use to decorate a bracelet.

Recycled Bracelet Craft


  1. Start by trimming the cardboard to the size you need. Make skinny bracelets, cut shapes on the edges of them… just get creative!
  2. You will want to decorate the inside of the cardboard sleeve, so roll the cardboard inside out. Rolling it like this makes the cardboard curve the correct way, so you can wear it.
  3. Use ribbon, paint, crayons, markers or any other items you want to use for decorations.
  4. Staple or glue embellishments to your liking. Then hot glue or staple the ends together.
  5. Make one for yourself too! It’s fun!

Recycled Bracelet Craft

You can make all kinds of jewelry with cardboard. Check out the Cute DIY Rings I made out of cardboard!

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  1. oooh! What a neat idea! Of course I am a coffee drinker (hence “The Coffee Shop” blog!) so I’ll be definitely making that bracelet! So cute! (and I have a great model that will be thrilled to wear it!)

  2. Great idea! Your post made me giggle because I too have been addicted to Starbucks just since I had kids. I save all sleeves and make mini albums out of them. But I am going to have to try this for the nieces! Thanks!

  3. Saw this post and within seconds of reading had to post it on our facebook, pinterest and twitter accounts just great stuff! Keep up the good work!

  4. The bracelets are cute. I’m really looking forward to the summer blogs everyone seems to be coming out with a craft/activity list with fun ideas.

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