I use Clorox Bleach in my home for a variety of things (you may remember my post on their Mom Moments blog!) and I’ve just found one more thing to do with bleach – or the bottle at least!

We made a DIY bleach bottle catching game!  All we needed was an empty Clorox bottle that has been rinsed and dried, a knife, duct tape and some balls.

Carefully cut off bottom of Clorox bottle.

We removed the label and added some embellishment with colorful duct tape.

Let the games begin!

This fun catching game kept someone very busy!

What a fun way to recycle and spend time outside!


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  1. I think it would be fun for all ages and great for family reunion. I found a booklet in a thrift store with all kinds of different things to make , from piggy banks to bird houses.

  2. Cute idea, thanks! Will have to try with my son, the store bought versions of this are tiny and he struggles with them, this would be so much better! 🙂

  3. Cute, cute idea! She looks like she’s having fun! Will have to try with my toddler!

  4. So cute! We did the same thing with milk jugs. We made the ball by wadding up newspaper and wrapping it with masking tape. Lots of cheap fun!

  5. Fhis looks like something I could play with my friends in wheel chairs. What a girl that can have so much fun.

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