These Reindeer cupcakes are the simplest treat to make ever! You can even buy cupcakes and decorate them! Reindeer are the perfect mascot for the holiday season. Do you sew? How about making this darling stick reindeer that any child would love to play with. If baking is more your style try making these reindeer cookies! Check out that nose. If you need a cute little gift these reindeer noses in a jar are fun! These candy cane reindeer make the perfect classroom craft if you need an activity for a group.

Reindeer Cupcakes

How to make reindeer cupcakes

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For each cupcake you will need a frosted cupcake, two pretzels, two royal icing eyes, one vanilla wafer and one red m & m.

Reindeer Cupcake Supplies

Place the vanilla wafer on the top of the cupcake in the lower half. With a bit of frosting as glue, attach the m & m to the vanilla wafer.

Reindeer Cupcake recipe

Stick a pretzel on each side at the top of the cupcake.

Reindeer cupcake instructions

Place the eyes and you have the cutes cupcake!

Reindeer Cupcake

They are almost as cute as these monkey cupcakes! It is amazing what you can do with a vanilla wafer!

monkey cupcakes

If you love reindeer check out these reindeer crafts and treats.

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