Looking for an easy, fun, and positive game to play with family and friends at Thanksgiving? Roll the Dice game is what you are looking for! This simple dice game can be played with any number of players and best of all, everyone is a winner! This will become one of your favorite dice games for the Thanksgiving season or your family game night.

Image shows a printable Roll the dice game with instructions and Autumn decorations.
Thanksgiving Roll the Dice

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Roll the Dice is a simple game that is also perfect for use in classrooms! Kids of all ages, including little kids as young as 3 years old, could play this game in small groups or large groups. Since there are minimal materials needed, this game could come together quickly! The basic premise of the game is to share happiness and positivity in a fun way. The best part is that everyone will have a great time.

No dice? No problem! There are things like a virtual dice roller and virtual die available online when physical dice are not available.

Thanksgiving Roll the Dice Game Supplies

How to Print

Click the download button below to open the PDF file. Print in color on white cardstock. Cut the cards apart and place them on your Thanksgiving table along with several sets of dice.

Image shows two printable Roll the dice game with instructions and Autumn decorations.
Printable Roll the Dice Game

How to Play Roll the Dice

  • Gather players and pass out the Roll the Dice printable so everyone can see a copy.
  • Decide which family member or player will start. Oldest? Youngest? Who traveled the farthest? You decide!
  • The first player rolls the dice and shares their answer as it corresponds to the number of dots on the printable.
  • It’s the next player’s turn. Play proceeds to the left or right; again, you decide!
  • This game is a win-win for all so get the dice rolling!
  • You can play it any number of times. The end of the game is when you choose it to end and even add your own rules. Can’t wait to hear how you liked it.

Why is giving thanks and sharing positivity important?

Gratitude is vital in everyday life, not only on Thanksgiving. Adopting a positive and grateful attitude benefits our physical and mental health and fosters other positive emotions like empathy and kindness. The best part is that it’s an easy habit to kick off. Sometimes all you need is a pair of dice and a printable game! This roll-the-dice game became my family’s favorite game not only because of how easy it is to set up but because at the end of the game, we all end up feeling happy and grateful for days.

Plus, pretty much everyone has a set of dice at home, making it super easy to play anytime. By the way, did you know that the first dice were made from animal bones, and early dice games were used to help people make decisions about important matters such as war and commerce? And they’re found in most homes and schools!

More Fun and Games

I hope you and your family and friends get to throw dice and throw some love around this holiday season! And please leave me a comment with feedback on this game! If you have been following me for a while, you know my family loves to play, so here are some different games your family just might love, too!

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Did you enjoy playing this Roll the Dice game as much as we did?

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