Do you have a friend that is just right? Give them a You Are Just “Write” Rolo pencil. It is easy to make and a fun way to show appreciation for friends, office mates, and teachers! I do have a Rolo candy pencil for teachers though if you like, scroll to the bottom!

you are just write rolo pencils

Rolo Pencil Supplies

rolo pencil supplies

Download the Rolo template and print in color on regular copy paper. Cut out the wrappers and also the small circle for the top of the pencil.

printable rolo pencils printable

Wrap the printable template around the Rolo candy and fasten with glue. Glue the pink circle to the top of the pencil to finish off the eraser!

wrap printable around rolo

Attach a Hershey Kiss to the bottom of the pencil.  I have had good luck with using a generous amount of glue stick to secure.  However, hot glue would also be a good choice if you need it more secure.

just write rolo pencil gift

There you have it a Rolo pencil! A sweet treat for a friend that is just ‘write’.

Here is the Rolo pencil just for teachers!

Rolo Candy Pencil Teacher Thank You Gifts

DIY Rolo pencils Printable

Rolo Candy Crafts

Here are some more fun Rolo candy crafts!

More Gifts For Friends

If you love telling your friends how special they are you might like these cute printable gift tags. These tags are paired with a cute little gift and are perfect for teachers and friends.

20 Printable Teacher Gift Tags

These friendship quotes and best friend quotes are another way to let your friends know how special they are.

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