Summer isn’t officially here yet in the Northwest. The kid’s are still in school and our days are a little cool but I know it’s coming!
root beer freeze

Ice cream and summer go hand in hand at our house and this summer will be making a lot of root beer whirl’s at our house.  Root beer whirls are one of those childhood food memories for me. You may know it by the name root beer freeze but since our local drive in my hometown called them a root beer whirl so do I.  This drive in made them out of their homemade root beer which was delicious and it always came in a big frosty glass mug too!

root beer freeze

In order to duplicate that homemade root beer flavor I have a little secret ingredient in my root beer whirl.  Most people make them out of root beer and ice cream but that never has quite enough root beer flavor for me.

root beer whirl

The secret ingredient?  Root beer extract.  It’s the stuff you make homemade root beer out of.  I use it in the extract form (don’t add any water to it) and only added in just a bit (1/2 tsp)  It gives that root beer whirl just the right flavor I remember from my childhood!  Of course, a good quality root beer also helps.

root beer whirlRoot beer extract is available on the baking aisle with all the other extracts.  I found mine at Albertsons.  I did find that not all grocery stores carry it.  But keep looking if the first store you check doesn’t have it.  It is so worth it!  Makes a huge difference in the flavor of your root beer whirl.

root beer whirl


Whether you call it a root beer freeze or a root beer whirl all you need is some ice cream.  I use vanilla bean (thus the little black flecks in my root beer whirl).  Some good quality root beer and some root beer extract.  Just blend it all up for a delicious summertime treat!

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PicMonkey Collage

Root Beer Whirl

3 C vanilla ice cream

1 C root beer

1/2 tsp root beer extract

Combine all ingredients in blender and blend!  Yum!!


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  1. Oh my, this looks perfect! We have the tradition of root beer floats, or root beer with ice cream in it, and this seems like an upscale, more delicious version 🙂

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