Charcuterie boards are all the rage! They are everywhere, and people are turning anything they can into these creative masterpieces. The sandwich charcuterie board recipe has taken the art of entertaining to new heights. These carefully curated platters bring together the beloved concept of sandwiches and the elegance of charcuterie, resulting in a symphony of flavors, textures, and colors that delight both the eyes and taste buds. From expertly arranged cheeses and deli meats to the harmonious balance of spreads and fresh ingredients, these boards offer a delightful exploration of endless options. 

When you are creating a sandwich charcuterie board recipe, you need to ensure you have all the tools you need to serve those sandwiches right!

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18 Sandwich Charcuterie Board Recipes

If you are looking for a sandwich charcuterie board recipe, you have come to the right place. Down below, there are 18 sandwich charcuterie boards that blow regular cheese boards out of the water!

1. Epic Sandwich Charcuterie Board

If you’re searching for the best way to impress your guests, look no further than Reluctant Entertainer. She provides an invaluable guide to creating a show-stopping spread that’s both visually stunning and delectably delicious. With a variety of meats, cheeses, and toppings artfully arranged on a large round board, this sandwich charcuterie board recipe ensures that you’ll be the star of your next party. 

Reluctant Entertainers sandwich board includes rolls, tomatoes, lettuce, meats, onions, pickles, and cheese.
A delicious sandwich board everyone will devour!

2. Mini Deli Sandwich Charcuterie Board

Belly Full is your go-to resource When you aim to serve up something delightful but compact. This small sandwich idea is perfect for movie nights or small gatherings. It is packed with small bites of deli meats, cheeses, and various spreads, like old-style mustard or mayonnaise drizzled with hot sauce. This smaller board still boasts the best part of any charcuterie board – the endless options. 

Belly Full's sandwich charcuterie board showcases tomatoes, meats, onions, sauces, cheese, and bread.
The Perfect Sandwich Platter

3. Build-Your-Own Sandwich Platter

Olivia’s Cuisine offers a fantastic guide for constructing your very own sandwich charcuterie board. This themed board is the best way to cater to different preferences at your next party. Featuring a variety of meats, cheeses, and condiments, this food board idea celebrates the joy of personalization. You can’t go wrong with their suggested combinations, such as roast beef with mayo or a classic BLT. Don’t forget to add a variety of textures, from crunchy, crusty bread to creamy mozzarella cheese.

Olivia's Cuisine sandwich charcuterie board is full of meats, cheese, mayo, bacon, lettuce, and bread.
BLT Sandwiches with a Twist!

4. How To Make A Sandwich Charcuterie Board

Chop Happy breaks down the art of crafting a successful sandwich charcuterie board. From different types of cheeses like Swiss and cheddar to thinly sliced deli meats, this guide covers all the basics. With the perfect balance of flavors, this board brings together the best of the best products from the deli counter. Adding Thousand Island dressing and Pigs in a Blanket adds that sweet and spicy kick everyone craves.

Swiss, cheddar, deli meats, thousand island dressing, and pigs in a blanket are on Chop Happy's Sandwich Charcuterie Board.
Sweet and Spice is Everything Nice!


Whether you’re having a solo lunch or a family-style dinner, this small charcuterie board from The Urben Life is a great way to enjoy your own meal creation with different fresh vegetables like pre-sliced lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, pickles, peppers, and more. This sandwich charcuterie board recipe allows you to take your creation up a notch.

Avocado, onions, cheese, bread, lettuce,  pickles, and bread are on The Urben Life's Sandwich Board.
A sandwich board that all your guests love!

6. The Ultimate Build-Your-Own Sandwich Board

The Baker Mama brings you the ultimate guide for crafting your very own sandwich charcuterie board. She introduces you to the wonderful world of sandwich boards that are perfect for any occasion, from a movie night to picnics. With various types of cheese, deli meats, and condiments filling the remaining space on the large board, you can let your creativity run wild. Combine some of the finest ingredients for a variety of flavors that will please any palate.

The Baker Mama created a sandwich board full of bread, rolls, deli meats, cheese, dressing, tomatoes, and avocados.
You’ll be on a ROLL with this sandwich charcuterie board.


If you’re looking for a party platter, you are going to want to check out Glitter Inc. This food board idea is about variety, offering various flavors and textures from the finest cheeses cut into paper thin slices to deli meats like genoa salami. The board is a delightful assembly of the best charcuterie board elements. When it comes to food boards, this is a favorite. 

Glitter Inc created a make your own sandwich board full of meat, lettuce, pickles, cheese, and bread.
Bring on the all the meats and cheese!

8. Gluten Free Sandwich Charcuterie Board

Sunny Sweet Days introduces a unique twist with their gluten free board. Their sandwich charcuterie board recipe differs slightly from others because this wooden board includes all gluten-free foods. Gluten free bread, fresh veggies, and even gluten free yellow mustard. All of these gluten free options are great products and taste delicious.

Sunny Sweet Days showcases a completely gluten free sandwich board filled with bread, cheese, pickles, veggies, and meat.
So many sandwich choices everyone will love!


Explore the delightful blend of flavors with the “Sweet and Spicy Sandwich Meal Board” featured on Fab Everyday. This creative take on a charcuterie board brings together the best of both worlds, offering a medley of deli meats, cheese, sweet and spicy nuts, and the perfect touch of heat with pepper jelly (jalapenos, to be exact). 

Fab Everyday's sandwich board is full of deli meat, cheese, nuts, bread, and pepper jelly.
A delectable sweet and spicy sandwich board! Which will you choose?

10. Family-Style Charcuterie Sandwich Board

Christina Chandra found a way to make a successful charcuterie board, and that’s by making it family-style and family-friendly. This food board idea is perfect for Father’s Day celebrations or any gathering where variety is key. Combine different shapes of cheese, such as a wheel of brie, and don’t forget to add some of your family’s favorite foods. 

Deli meat, cheese, carrots, and bread is included on Christina Chandra's charcuterie sandwich board.
Make a one of a kind sandwich!

11. Reuben Sandwich Board Recipe

Frank’s Kraut presents a sandwich board that pays homage to the iconic Reuben sandwich. It’s absolutely perfect for those who adore this classic combination of flavors. With thinly sliced corned beef, small bowls of sauerkraut, slices of bread (rye bread), and Thousand Island dressing, this sandwich charcuterie board recipe can do no wrong! Great meat, a delicious sandwich, there is no wrong way. 

Frank's Kraut Reuben Sandwich Board showcases deli meats, cheese, Russian dressing. bread, and sauerkraut.
Everything is better with Russian Dressing!

12. Simple Chili Dip and Sandwich Charcuterie Board

Balancing the Chaos is definitely excited for football season and offers a delightful combination of flavors with its sandwich charcuterie board recipe. There is as you can see, there is more than just deli meats and cheeses on this bad boy. The addition of a hearty chili dip takes this board to the top of the list when it comes to sandwich charcuterie boards. Plus, there are even some sweet fruits to add a sweet factor! It is ideal for cozy family gatherings or game nights.

Deli meat, cheese, tomatoes, fruit, chips,  chili dip and bread fill Balancing the Chaos sandwich board.
Cheer on your favorite team with this flavorful sandwich board!

13. Patriotic Sub Sandwich Charcuterie Board

A classic sandwich is almost always offered alongside BBQ delights near the 4th of July, and Joy in the Commonplace brings a patriotic touch to the classic sandwich charcuterie board. This themed board features cucumbers, yellow mustard, deli meat, cheeses, and other tasty additions. 

Joy in the Commonplace's sub sandwich board is full of cucumbers, yellow mustard, deli meat, and cheeses.
Bring everyone together with this amazing sandwich board.


Pancake Recipes adds a unique twist with their “Egg Sandwich Board.” This board is a fantastic way to start your day with slices of bread, English muffins, and even some biscuits filled with eggs, bacon, ham, and sausage. Bringing a sandwich charcuterie board recipe into your morning just became easier. Just grab some plastic wrap, and you’re ready for your drive to work. 

Pancake Recipes Egg Sandwich Board is full of avocado, English muffins, eggs, bacon, ham, and sausage.
An Egg-cellent Sandwich Board

15. How to Make a Sandwich Platter

Valentina’s Corner provides step-by-step instructions for creating the perfect sandwich platter. With a variety of cheeses, deli meats, and condiments, you’ll find that this large cutting board has no empty spaces! 

Valentina's Corner sandwich board includes pickles, a variety of deli meat, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, and bread.
A party platter everyone will be pleased with!

16. The Deli Sandwich Board

Indulge in the flavors of tradition with the “Deli Sandwich Board” recipe featured on It includes an assortment of kosher deli meats, cheeses, and condiments that create the perfect sandwich. Whether you’re hosting a family meal or a festive gathering, this board will satisfy both meat and dairy preferences.

Kosher deli meats, cheeses, condiments, veggies, bread, and condiments fill's deli sandwich board.
“Ham” up your sandwich board game.

17. The Sandwich Board I’ll Be Making All Summer Long

Uncover the art of assembling a standout sandwich board with Mattie James. From selecting the finest cheeses and meats to layering condiments with precision, this guide equips you with the know-how to create an impressive and customizable sandwich board for any occasion.

Mattie James sandwich board is full of pre-made sandwiches, veggies, grapes, oranges, and strawberries.
Summer of Smiles and Sandwich Boards!

18. Build-Your-Own Tuna Sandwich Board

Dive into the ocean-inspired flavors with The Cinnamon Mom. This recipe transforms the humble tuna sandwich into a gourmet experience by offering a variety of toppings, condiments, and add-ins. Each element contributes to a symphony of tastes, from the creaminess of avocado to the zing of red onion. Elevate your tuna sandwich game and bring a fresh twist to your next meal with this inviting sandwich board.

The Cinnamon Mom's tuna sandwich board includes, avocados, cucumbers, tomatoes, nuts, mayo, and bread.
Tantalizing all your friends with this Totally delicious Tuna Sandwich Board!

As we wrap up this journey through the world of sandwich charcuterie boards, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the art of combining flavors and textures knows no bounds. The sandwich charcuterie board recipe has evolved into a delicious option that invites us all to play with ingredients, experiment with arrangements, and ultimately savor the delightful results. So, whether you’re planning your next family gathering, a movie night with friends, or simply a moment of self-indulgence, consider the sandwich charcuterie board as your companion in creating a memorable and delicious experience.

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