Teacher Appreciation Week is coming in 3 Weeks! (May 2-6)

Are you ready?

Spread the love but don’t sweat the small stuff. Do you have parties planned, gifts bought and a creative ‘thank you’ in mind? Make your life (OR your room mom’s or teacher appreciation committee or anyone else’s) easier by pitching in and celebrating our kid’s teachers!

The best way to make the week a success is to have MORE… right?

  • More time
  • More parents helping spread the love
  • And. LESS. Stress!

This is where VolunteerSpot comes in – it’s a must-have free online coordination tool that makes it easy for more parents to pitch in and help. Anyone can create online sign up sheets and then invite parents to volunteer their time or bring food or supplies. It’s easy to setup and request help – via email or a link on your Facebook page. Parents sign up with a few clicks and VolunteerSpot even sends out automated reminders, easy peasy. And best of all, it eliminates those annoying reply-all emails.

7 Simple Ideas To Get More Parents Involved in Teacher Appreciation Week (Spread the Love Further)!

  1. Organize a lunch break: Invite parents to sign up to bring lunch to your teacher each day during Teacher Appreciation Week.
  2. Set up a ‘Helping Hands’ schedule: In one hour increments scattered over the week, ask parents to sign up to help at recess, supervise lunch, read to the class, pitch-in at math stations and complete prep-work or grading so the teacher doesn’t need to bring work home.
  3. Bring Treats: Find out your teacher’s favorite coffee/soda/snack and take turns bringing ‘surprise’ daily pick-me-ups.
  4. Plan a faculty potluck: Create a breakfast or lunch potluck end-of-the-week party for all the staff. Parents sign up to bring food items, drinks, decorations and special desserts. It’s a great way to get busy and working parents involved because they can each drop-off one item with their children in the morning.
  5. Go Crafty. Bring in hand-made items by you and your kids. (Stay tuned this month to SkipToMyLou for great ideas!)
  6. Bring Love Notes and Flowers: Designate a day for kids to bring in special notes and a day for flowers. Each child brings in one small item making a collective bouquet of appreciation.
  7. Say Thank You: A sincerely written thank you note goes a long way to helping teachers feel appreciated.

We at VolunteerSpot are excited to take part in the SkipToMyLou Teacher Appreciation Ideas! We’re looking forward to seeing all your favorite ideas and hope to see the fun ways you use VolunteerSpot’s free online sign up sheets during Teacher Appreciation Week and beyond—you can also find us on Twitter or Facebook.

To keep the creative volunteer juices flowing remember VolunteerSpot for these fun Spring School Activities.

Save time signing up for other spring activities like: Little League, swim team, VBS and more!

Happy volunteering!! ~ Team VolunteerSpot

Don’t miss any of the teacher appreciation ideas in the Top Blogs Teacher Appreciation Ideas Series. Each day amazing bloggers will be here at SkiptomyLou.org sharing some awesome ideas for Teacher Appreciation.

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