This sea turtle drawing is easy and fun to do. Learn how to draw a sea turtle with this step by step tutorial and splash into the world of the Green Sea Turtle! These reptiles are decreasing in population and are on the endangered species list, so show them so love and enjoy drawing!

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cute colored sea turtle
How to Draw a Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle drawing supplies

All you need to complete this sea turtle are the following supplies! If you are a regular here at Skip to My Lou, you already have these. If this is your first time here, Welcome! I am so glad you are here!

  • paper
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • colored pens and pencils or markers
  • ruler

Sea Turtle drawing Easy!

Learn how to draw a sea turtle by following the instructions and illustrated images below. Just follow the easy steps and let me know in the comments how it turned out!

  1. In step one, draw the outline of the turtle’s shell and the turtle’s head. The turtle’s shell is made by drawing a large oval slanting at a downward angle. Lightly sketch a smaller oval at the bottom of the shell. Connect the oval to the shell by drawing 2 curved lines. Now erase the top of that oval. To make the turtle’s beak, extend the bottom of the oval out and draw a short line back and up to for, the top of the beak. Erase any lines not needed.First step for drawing a sea turtle is drawing and oval for the body and heard
  2. In step two, add eyes and front and hind legs. Even with the back of the beak, draw and color in an oval and draw a curved eyebrow over the eye. Add 2 curved lines on the turtle’s neck. Draw the front legs and hind legs using rounded triangle shapes as shown below.draw the flippers for you cute sea turtle drawing
  3. In step three, add the details on the back of the turtle’s shell. Start by drawing a large letter C following the curve of the turtle’s shell. This will separate the rim from the back. To draw the patterns in the shell, you can use a ruler to make the lines or freehand the lines. Draw 6 lines radiating out from the C you just drew. Space the 6 lines fairly evenly. Draw 5 parallel lines from the right side of the shell going toward the 6 lines you just drew. Finish the shell pattern by connecting the lines to make roof shapes.nezxt draw in the sections of the shell for your easy sea turtle drawing
  4. In step four, add air bubbles by drawing different sized circles above and around the diving turtle.then draw air bubbles around you sea turtle drawing
  5. In step five, it is time to color, so take out your crayons, markers or colored pencils! To make a green sea turtle, color as shown. However, this is YOUR project, so you choose how to color it!color the sea turtle next
  6. In step six, complete this project by adding spots on the front and back legs as well as the neck and head!last add shading to your step by step sea turtle drawing

my favorite drawing supplies

Easy Sea Turtle Drawing Video

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