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Cathe from Just Something I Made writes……

How to make animal sewing cards

Animal sewing cards are not only fun to stitch, but also fun to make!

Just click on the design images below for download. Then, print the PDF files onto heavy cardstock paper. Color in the animals.

I used a scanned vintage quilt to add some color to the animals as well.

Trim out printed images with a fat margin around the animal.

Hole punch the circles. To reach the eye and mouth holes, gently bend those circles in half and use your hole punch to cut half a circle that becomes whole when unfolded. Or, use a craft knife or eyelet punch.

For sewing up the cards, you can use colorful shoe laces, or make laces from yarn or string and wind tape tight around the ends for easy threading through the holes.
Make a pocket folder for your animals with two manilla folders and tape.

Print out a label and stick it to the front of the folder.

You can stitch around the cards with simple in and out stitching…

Or cover all stitching areas by around once (as in the photo above), then come back with the second lace and fil in the gaps.

The final sewn cards can be carefully un-stitched for reuse, or kept sewn and used as wall art!

Just in case you have trouble with any of the above files try these links:

Blank animals:

Quilted animals:

My Favorite Sewing Tools

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  1. Hi, I just dropped by to view this place. It appears really full of great content and
    I enjoyed browsing it, thank you for the great information!

  2. I agree..these are really lovely. I’m not very computer savvy, so I was wondering how you got the patchwork image on to the animal before printing.
    Sorry if it seems a bit of a dumb question.

    Cheers Wendy 🙂

  3. I will have my grandkids for 2 days this week and these will be perfect for them to make.

  4. I used to love this. I think I now know what I’ll give my nieces & nephews for Christmas! And, I may be able to use them in a intergenerational group as the seniors will remember swinging and the kids can work on fine motor.

  5. Thanks for sharing-trying this asap with some of the older residents I work with!

  6. OMG! These are SOOO cute and exactly the sort of thing I was looking to add to my toddler’s “schoolwork” for next year. (He gets to play with busy bags while I home school his big bro!) Just so stinkin’ adorable!

  7. Gorgeous! I am a children’s librarian and I would love to use these with the kids in a monthly sewing program at my public library we are starting in the fall. Hope that’s OK!

  8. these are just gorgeous. i’d put them on my wall; they’re like little works of art when they’re all done up with the string. thanks Cathe and Lou Lou!

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