Shaving cream Easter eggs are a great way to create a tie-dye effect in a fun activity. While it is a bit messy, kids love the feel of shaving cream so this is an extra cool way to color Easter eggs!

Have you ever EGGED someone? This Easter activity shows you how to egg someone nicely, and have loads of fun in the process. Looking for other ways to make your Easter more fun and memorable? Be sure to print off some dinner conversation starters for your Easter dinner.
shaving cream dyed eggs

Supplies For Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

Dying eggs is an activity that most everybody loves. This method uses a few household items you may already have on hand:

  • shaving cream
  • food coloring (we used gel food coloring from Chefmaster)
  • boiled or blown out eggs (we used boiled)
  • large pan
  • toothpicks
  • rubber gloves


shaving cream eggs supplies

How to color eggs with shaving cream

Spray shaving cream in a pan with sides.  Shaving cream needs to be about 1/2 inch thick.

shaving cream in pan

Drop food coloring onto the shaving cream.

food coloring on shaving cream

With a toothpick, pull through the colors making a marbleized effect. Don’t over-mix or you’ll end up with muddy colors!

marbleize shaving cream

Now roll the egg on top of the shaving cream to pick up the foam.

roll eggs in shaving cream

Leave the eggs covered in shaving cream for about 30 minutes. Lay them gently on paper towels.

eggs covered in food coloring and shaving cream

Then, rinse the eggs under water and reveal beautiful tie dye eggs. This part is so magical for kids.

how to dye eggs with shaving cream

how to dye Easter eggs shaving cream food coloring

Tips for making shaving cream eggs

  • Wear rubber gloves
  • Don’t mix the colors too much into the shaving cream. The brightest colored eggs happened in the areas where the dye was sitting on top of the shaving cream.
  • You can pick a color combination like yellow and blue to make all the eggs match in a limited color range, or go crazy with the whole rainbow!
  • Lining the pan with aluminum foil will make for easier cleanup.

Are shaving cream eggs edible?

Can you eat Easter eggs that have been dyed with shaving cream? Yes, you can eat the eggs dyed with shaving cream and it is safe.

However, I wouldn’t recommend letting them sit around for days, since shells are porous. But boiled eggs are edible inside of dyed egg shells. My family tends to peel and eat boiled dyed eggs within a day.

That said, shaving cream is not something you want to get into your mouth – just ask anybody who shaves their beard whiskers with it! Do you have little ones likely to taste-test the dye process? Try using Cool Whip instead! If you plan to eat them you might try whipped cream.

Or how about dropping food coloring into a little container of rice and then shaking the egg around to pick up cute speckles of color? There are a hundred and one ways to color eggs!

Easter egg decorating ideas

Do you have other ideas or tips for coloring Easter eggs with shaving cream you’d like to share? Here are some more fun Easter egg decorating ideas:

How to dye eggs with food coloring: This step-by-step guide will teach you the basics of coloring eggs with a few supplies you probably already have in your cupboard, plus some fun tricks and tips!

food coloring eggs

Glitter Eggs are a super cute craft project to do with older kids. We used plastic eggs for ours. Add a little sparkle to your Easter egg hunts!


Dying eggs with silk ties results in the most amazing patterns and details. The effect is actually really easy to achieve, but your family will be in awe of the results. These eggs are showstoppers in a table setting.Silk-Tie-Dyed-Egg.jpg

Chalkboard painted eggs are a fun way to personalize eggs with names and hand-drawn decorations.

chalkboard painted eggs

We love eggs.  Have you seen my egg tree?  It is a collection of eggs we collected while living overseas, and we put it out and hang the eggs every spring, almost like a Christmas tree!

The special thing about dyed eggs is each one is unique, just like handmade ornaments, and the decorations and colors on each one tell a story. Children are so proud of their creations, and they always want to show the ones they made to grandparents and friends. They might be a little messy, but all the different methods of dying are fun and they help kids with coordination and following directions.

Hope you have fun coloring eggs! It is always a fun time making memories at our house!

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