How to make a silly or sneaky stuffed snake.

Take an old sheet and rip it into a 9″  wide strip (as long as you like), fold in half, slip a long rectangle for the tongue (you can trim it later) inside the middle at the top, stitch an arc across the top and then stitch straight down the open side. Trim and turn right side out.


Using Fabric Markers color and color!


The folded 9″  of fabric makes it the perfect width for little arms to stuff. Sew the end closed and you have a silly snake.


This made a fun little craft for Sunday School. It is something simple and works for a variety of ages. I made up the snakes ahead of time and during Sunday School the children colored and stuffed. For ease we tied the end shut with a piece of yarn. We have been learning about creation, Adam and Eve and this worked perfect when we talked about the snake. So as my daughter said, “It is a sneaky snake. that tricked Eve.”

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  1. Cute project. I’ve also made snakes with old neckties. Sew or glue the skinny end closed. Stuff batting through the wide part then sew or glue closed. Add a felt tongue and eyes and you have an adorable snake. You can also add a piece of wire inside so that the snake is bendable.

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