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  1. Am looking for ideas to decorate a christmas tree w/natural items at a Historical Victorian House in our city that is decorated “period style” for tours. This will work perfectly. My twin grandsons (10)and I will make and adorn this tree as our volunteer project for the community. thank you for this idea and any more you might have to beautify our tree and feed the wildlife.

  2. Great Kids’ Craft Project—Tie a string around a pine cone- cover pine cone with peanut butter-then dip in bird seed–Voila!

  3. How did you make the heart shaped bird feeder. Need an easy bird feeder for my girl scout troop- ages 7-8. Thanks

  4. Thanks for sharing this, I’m going to try using the same recipe to make a baseball sized feeder.

  5. in case anyone would like a similar recipe with vegetarian ingredients (gelatin is an animal byproduct), you could try Bird Seed Ornaments.

    love the heart 🙂

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