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Pool noodle wreath

Hi! My name is Shannon and I blog at Madigan Made… where creative living is made simple. I am thrilled to be here today to show you how to make this fun summer wreath idea for Cindy’s Summer Craft Camp!

Pool noodles are plentiful this time of year. You can find them anywhere… from grocery stores to dollar stores. They definitely remind me of hot summer days and sitting at the pool. I picked up a couple of pool noodles recently to craft with in two shades of blue. I was inspired to make a wreath out of the pool noodles after seeing this adorable pool noodle garland from Sugar and Cloth.

Want to learn how to make one?

Easy Pool Noodle Wreath

Supplies used:

  • 2 foam pool noodles in different colors
  • Serrated knife or electric knife
  • 18 gauge wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Thin rope
  • Cutting mat


Over the cutting mat, take your knife and cut slices off of each pool noodle.  My slices were approximately 1/2 inch in width.

String the slices onto your wire, alternating each color until you have enough on the wire to create a circular wreath in a size you desire. I used up almost 1/2 of each noodle to make mine. (Note: I initially tried to use just string instead of wire for this step and found that the string was not strong enough to hold a wreath shape. Sturdy 18 gauge wire will keep a circular shape with the foam around it.)

Twist the wire closed VERY tightly between the two ends to create a circle. It is important to pull the wire taut so that it will pull the slices together and hold a wreath shape. Trim off any excess wire and allow the slices to cover the twisted area. Bend the wreath and wire as needed so that it will be a circular shape. Slip a loop of rope between the slices and around the wire to hang the wreath.

You could add more embellishments if you wanted to, but I kinda liked my wreath plain and simple!

Hang your fun summer wreath and enjoy!

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  1. How cute! I use noodles all the time to cover and make wreaths but I never thought about cutting one up to make a wreath.

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