Okay just one more simple teacher gift? I hope I haven’t driven you crazy but I do think these EOS gifts are so fun! Need to give your teacher an apple? Turn an EOS lip balm into a clever way to give your teacher an apple! If you want to let your teacher know this year will be a ball this cute EOS printable gift will do the trick.  Remember they aren’t just for teachers you might like to see this cute EOS Christmas gift and the EOS Valentine Gift so many ways to turn these popular lip balms into a gift!
best teacher in the world EOS gift

Download the “I have the best teacher in the world” printable. Print in color on white cardstock. Cut out the individual cards. You will also need a circle punch, scissors and an EOS lip balm. The EOS lip balms can be found next to other lip balms at Target, Wal-Mart and grocery stores or on amazon .

“I have the best teacher in the world” printable

EOS lipbalm teacher gift

Punch out the circle. The punch I think is listed as being 1 1/2 inches. I think it measures closer to 1 1/4 inch.  It works perfect.  I also tried a 1 1/2 inch plain circle punch. It works but is slightly bigger than it needs to be.

EOS lipbalm gift

Put in the lip balm and then give to your teacher!

EOS best teacher in the world printable


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