S’mores are a staple at our house once the weather turns warm and the campfires start. They are absolutely delicious, and they are the perfect way to celebrate the weekend or wind down after a long day at work. If you enjoy delicious s’mores and traditional charcuterie boards, then you’re going to want to try these s’mores charcuterie board recipes! 

Although s’mores are known for being a sticky finger food, that doesn’t mean you won’t need some charcuterie supplies! Here are some of my favorites.

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S’mores Charcuterie Board Recipes

These s’mores charcuterie board recipes are delicious during the summer months, around an outdoor fire, or even during pool parties, even if you and your family are just looking for a sweet treat that is a little different than most!


No. 2 Pencil has put together a simple s’more charcuterie board recipe that includes marshmallows, chocolate candy bars, graham crackers,  and even some fresh fruit to dip! An easy board for your next party.

smores charcuterie board-number 2 pencil-a board with cookies, peanut butter, and strawberries
What will you eat first?


If you’re looking for a s’mores charcuterie board, that is a step above the rest. You may want to take a look at Rose Bakes. Not only does she include the usual s’mores fixings, but she also includes peanut butter cups, cookies & cream bars, and even some chocolate chip cookies!

rose bakes- an organized s'mores charcuterie board with marshmallows, ice cream cones, chocolate
Toasted to perfection.

3. S’mores Charcuterie Board

Like Mother Like Daughter has put a twist on a traditional s’mores charcuterie board, it not only includes the normal fixings but special treats like chocolate dip, peanut butter, and even some fresh fruit.

like mother like daughter- s'mores charcuterie board with dips, marshmallows, fruit, and more
Some many options, so little time.


A simple s’mores platter. Homemade Hooplah includes chocolate Hersey bars, marshmallows, graham crackers, and even some other yummy treats. A perfect board to bring on a camping trip or out to your fire pit.

Homemade hooplah- chocolate dip, peanut butter, strawberries, marshmallows, and cookies
What will you add to your s’more?

5. S’mores Charcuterie Board

i heart naptime has an easy s’mores board that can be taken with you to your open fire. White chocolate bars, peanut butter cups, and more individually packaged make this board easy for a family night!

prewrapped candies like peanut butter cups, cookies and cream, marshmallows, graham crackers-i heart naptime
Unwrap some delicious s’mores.

6. S’mores Charcuterie Board

A fun dessert board that not only has the supplies for s’mores but also has fruit, cookies, and even some chocolate-covered pretzels. A Classic Twist has created an easy snack everyone will enjoy. 

A beautiful s'mores board from a classic twist- cookies, candy, marshmallows and more.
Some unique and delicious options.


This favorite fire-roasted treat may be hard to make in the winter or when the weather isn’t very nice. Lil’ Luna has fixed that problem with her epic s’mores charcuterie board. She not only includes marshmallows, Hershey bars, and graham crackers. But marshmallow fluff and peanut butter, in case you just can’t make it outside.

Lil' Luna makes a delicious s'mores board with fluff, peanut butter, cookies, and candies.
A s’mores charcuterie tray.

8. Gluten-Free S’mores Board

Have someone who is gluten-free in your family or friend group? A Dash of Megnut has a s’mores dip that is absolutely delicious. Just grab a large wooden cutting board, a small bowl, and some sweet treats for dipping.

a roasted marshmallow dip, chocolate dip, and peanut butter make this board from A Dash of megnut
Toasted, roasted, and dipped.

9. Make an Epic S’mores Charcuterie-Style Board This Summer

Hip2Save has a fun snack that takes s’mores to the next level. Using ice cream cones full of mini marshmallows, chocolate, and other delicious treats. Your children will absolutely love this s’mores charcuterie board.

Hip2Save has a easy to grab board with all the fixing for a s'more with chocolate graham crackers, peanut butter cups, and marshmallows
A s’mores charcuterie board, ready to go.

10. S’more Charcuterie Board

Are you going to a large family gathering this weekend? You may want to suggest making this epic s’mores charcuterie board from Let’s Camp S’more. It can’t be contained to a baking sheet or wooden cutting board. It takes up the entire table.

a large board perfect for a picnic fromLet's Camp S'more. Enough to make s'more sandwiches and other sweet treats
A s’mores board that takes up the whole table!

11. S’mores Dessert Charcuterie Board

Create your own s’mores board like the Fit Peach. It includes dark chocolate, melted peanut butter, and even some cookies to add a crunch!

a cookie filled board with peanut butter, coconut,  graham crackers, and more from the Fit Peach
Some many options for your s’more.

12. S’mores Charcuterie Board

Have you ever tried bacon on your s’mores before?! Hersheyland has created an epic s’mores dessert board that not only includes bacon but honey, peanut butter, smores dip, and more!

candied bacon, honey, pretzels, marshmallows and other things make up this board from Hersheyland
Bacon on a s’more?!

13. S’mores Dessert Board

Appetizers and Desserts has a simple and delicious s’more charcuterie board that is perfect for any day of the week. Cookies, dips, chocolates, and more make this board great.

a simple board with waffle treats, cookies, chocolate, and marshmallows from Appetizers and Desserts
Simply yummy.


Turn s’mores night into something amazing with the perfect s’mores charcuterie board from Play Party Plan. Everyone will love the shortbread cookies and s’mores combinations they’ll be able to make.

a large board with crackers, strawberries, chocolate, cookies, dips, and delicious treats fromPlay Party Plan
Large and with plenty of yummy options.


If you’re looking for your own sweet treat, take a look at Arina Photography. A smaller board that is perfect for date night or a family game night. With a small variety of options, it makes a delicious choice. 

a simple s'mores charcuterie board recipe with chocolate graham cracker starts, chocolate, marshmallows, and berries from Arina Photography
A date night special.

16. How to Make a S’mores Board

Delish is known for having some pretty epic charcuterie board options, and this one does not disappoint. Not only does it include over 5 different types of s’mores fillings, but it also gives plenty of cookie and cracker options as well.

A giant board full of cookies, crackers, candies, and fruits from s'mores by Delish
Where would you start first?


My favorite thing about camping is s’mores. My favorite part of charcuterie boards is they don’t need to look fancy. Bake It With Love has the perfect camping s’mores board. Bowls, plastic containers, and some Ghirardelli sauces make the s’mores extra delicious.

three bottles of sauces and bowls full of toppings for the perfect s'more from Bake it with love
A s’mores board for camping.


If you’re looking for a way to serve s’mores at room temperature, then Brooklyn Native Mama has a simple board with cookies and marshmallows around the outer edge and a delicious bowl of peanut butter in the middle.

Mini and big marshmallows along with peanut butter and fluff dip make a simple charcuterie board from Brooklyn Native Mama
Simple and stylish.

19. S’mores Dessert Board

Nutmeg Nanny created a simple and wonderful s’mores board that doesn’t just include the stuff to make s’mores. But some extra treats that everyone will enjoy.

crackers, cookies, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and other treats are great for a s'more. This board is from Nutmeg Nanny.
Chocolate chips, M&Ms, and peanut butter cup? YUM.

20. S’mores Board

I’m not sure if this is a s’more charcuterie board or a dessert charcuterie board. Either way, crazy for crust nailed it! With normal and golden Oreos, sugar cookies, peanut butter cups, and some large marshmallows. Everyone will want to dig in.

Crazy for crust created a board with a variety of cookies, crackers, chocolate and fruit.
Is it for s’mores or dessert?


My Creative Manner made a s’mores dip that looks out of this world. Not only is it in a cast iron skillet, but it includes toasted marshmallows and melted chocolate. She even has some fun things to dip into it!

a roasted s'mores dip in the middle, and some delish dipping options on the outside from My Creative Manner.
Toasted and melted to prefection.

22. Halloween S’mores Charcuterie Board

When the weather starts to become chilly again, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy s’mores. Dreaming of Homemaking has a Halloween charcuterie board full of Oreo bats and Oreo mummies.

a halloween s'mores charcuterie board recipe from Dreaming of Homemaking
Halloween special.

23. Smores Board

My Mini Chefs has something you probably have never seen before. A caramel and chocolate s’mores cookie dough dip. I didn’t even know this was a thing; now, I need it forever.

a chocolate, s'mores cookie dough dip takes the center of the board with cookies and crackers surrounding it from My Mini Chefs
A s’mores dip that is like no other.

24. How to Make a S’Mores Board

A s’mores board doesn’t have to be fancy, and momma lew has a beginner board that anyone could create.

a simple board with cookies, chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows from momma lew.
Simple, understated, and delicious.


Modern Glam is all about the wow factor, but this wooden board of perfection is simple and perfect for an evening by the fire with family and friends.

A board next to the fire with marshmallows, chocolate, and cookies from Modern Glam.
I’ll be over for this campfire.

26. Smores Charcuterie Board Recipe Idea

3 Boys and a Dog likes to keep things simple, and this s’more charcuterie board is no different. But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s not absolutely delicious.

cookies, strawberries and chocolate dip close up from 3 Boys and a Dog.
Yum factor.


Waaple is all for using apples when making a s’more, and their charcuterie board ensures that will happen!

apples, berries, marshmallows and a delicious peanut butter make up a great s'more charcuterie board from Waaple.
Apples on s’mores? Sign me up.

28. S’mores Board

If you want a large and in charge board, you won’t have to look much further. Cooking with Janica has one of the largest s’mores charcuterie boards I have laid eyes on. I don’t think you could fit any more cookies or milk chocolate bars.

a large board from Cooking with Janica full of berries, cookies, candy, chocolate, dips and marshmallows.
Caramel or peanut butter?

29. Smores Dip for a Dessert Charcuterie Board

Hoosier Homemade has a fun way of enjoying s’mores with a chocolate s’mores dip! No need to roast marshmallows. Just dip your favorite fruit, cookies, or crackers.

a chocolate dip surrounded by fruits and cookies from Hoosier Homemade
Dip a strawberry or cookie into that!


Tasty treats are the best part of s’mores charcuterie board recipes. This simple s’mores board from Marathons & Motivation is loaded with the goodies that take up all the empty spaces. You’ll want to grab a piece of chocolate or dip a strawberry instantly!

a pile of graham crackers, chocolate, cookies, and marshmallows to make a s/more charcuterie board from Marathons & Motivation.
What type of toppings are you choosing?


Organized Island has created a very organized charcuterie board and a beautiful presentation. Her ingredients allow for endless combinations and I’d love to be hanging with her around a fire.

Organized Island put together. Cookies, chocolate, marshmallows, and fruit with a the perfect marshmallow dip
Cookies Galore!

32. How to Make a S’mores Charcuterie Board

A few simple steps is all you need whe nyou put together this s’more charcuterie board recipe from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

a simple s'mores charcuterie board recipe with different chocolate options from Scattered Thoughts
So many combos.


Next time you’re looking for a s’mores board that looks like it belongs in a homekeeping magazine. You’ll want to follow Modern Honey’s recipe.

Modern honey s'mores charcuterie board with marshmallows, chocolate, and other great treats.
It ALMOST looks too good to eat.


Last but definitely not least is Maple & Thyme. An easy to carry tray that has everything you need to make the perfect s’more. It even includes rainbow sprinkles!

a to go s'mores charcuterie board recipe from Maple & Thyme
A s’mores board to go.

There you have it. Some of the most beautiful and delicious s’mores charcuterie board recipes. I hope you’re able to try some of them during the summer months that are heading our way!

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