Dive into the fascinating world of snakes with our free printable snake coloring pages. These sheets are a great opportunity for children of all ages to explore different species of snakes while using their favorite colors. 

Skip to my Lou - Snake Coloring Pages - Line drawing of a jungle scene with a long snake hanging from a tree
Get ready to use your bright colors with these snake coloring sheets!

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Art Supplies for Snake Coloring Pages

Before you start drawing, collect these supplies:

Free Snake Coloring Pages

These free snake coloring pages are a great way to improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and color recognition. 

Whether for young children, older kids, or even classroom use, these free pages are the perfect way to have a great time while learning.

King Cobra Coloring Page

Snake Coloring Page 1 - King cobra snake with mouth open ready to strike
This King Cobra is ready to attack!

Tree Snake Coloring Page

Snake Coloring Page 2 - Snake curled around tree branch, clouds in background
A nice non-venomous snake hanging around

Grass Snake Coloring Page

Snake Coloring Page 3 - Snake slithering through short grass, clouds and sun in background
Slithering through the grass

Happy Snake Coloring Page

Snake Coloring Page 4 - Happy snake with large eyelashes, coiled up with tongue out
That’s one happy snake!

Funny Snake Coloring Page

Snake Coloring Page 5 - Front view of little snake, with love hearts in background
This funny snake is in love!

Coiled Snake Coloring Page

All coiled up ready to jump!

Game Snake Coloring Page

Snake Coloring Page 7 - Snake in video-game style, coiled up with long neck
A video-game style snake is ready for you!

Slithering Snake Coloring Page

Snake Coloring Page 8 - Happy snake moving through long grass, fluffy clouds in background
A happy snake moving through the grass

Burmese Python Coloring Page

Snake Coloring Page 9 - Very long Burmese Python, coiled up with long forked tongue out
Look at that forked tongue!

Baby Snake Coloring Page

Snake Coloring Page 10 - Very little baby snake, surrounded by bubbles and leaves
Such a cute little snake

Boa Constrictor Coloring Page

Snake Coloring Page 11 - Realistic line drawing of Boa Constrictor wrapped around tree branch in jungle
A more realistic snake drawing

Jungle Snake Coloring Page

Snake Coloring Page 12 - Jungle scene with long snake wrapped around tree branch
Aren’t tree snakes cute?

Download, Print, and Color

You’ll find free digital downloads for each snake picture. Simply tap the download link above each snake coloring sheet to get the PDF file. And for real snake lovers, grab the entire Snake Coloring Book here!

More Fun Coloring Pages Activities

On the hunt for more free printable coloring pages? Great news! We’ve got plenty more awaiting you here:

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