Snowman Marshmallow Stirrers are the perfect way to make your hot chocolate extra special this winter. These fun and festive toppings are easy to make and will make any cup of cocoa feel like a treat. Plus, they’re a great way to get the kids involved in the kitchen!

dress up hot chocolate

Get into the holiday spirit with delicious hot chocolate dressed up with these fun snowman stirrers. They are so easy for a child can make.

It is cold in Kansas and we enjoy loads of hot chocolate. It seems the perfect drink for reading Christmas stories in pajamas, warming up after ice skating, and of course sipping on while eating holiday cookies.

Here is how you can dress up your hot chocolate!

Snowman Stirrers Supplies

  • mini Rolo chocolate candy
  • candy coating chocolate disks
  • mini marshmallows
  • 8-inch wooden skewers
  • edible orange and black markers
  • fruit roll up
  • scissors
snowman stirrer supplies

How to make snowman stirrers

Place three mini marshmallows on a wooden skewer. Add face details with edible markers.

snowman stirrer add face

Cut a tiny strip of fruit roll up to make a scarf.

snowman stirrers add scarf

Carefully stick the skewer through one of the candy melting discs. Place an upside down rolo next onto the skewer.

making snowman stirrers

Stick the cute snowman stirrer in delicious hot chocolate for a fun holiday treat.

snowman stirrer

At our home we are all about hot chocolate and these stirrers make it extra special!

snowman stirrers for fun hot chocolate

I love that I can have rich hot chocolate (made with real milk) handy in my refrigerator!

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