These lighted snowman ornaments are easy and fun to make. They are so cute, it’s almost hard to recognize that they are a tea light anymore.

Craft up was a beautiful holiday by making Christmas decorations and ornaments.

Snowman Ornaments

This craft is very versatile. You can change up the look of the snowman depending on what accessories you can find in the store or make yourself.


Snowman Ornament Supplies

  • White glitter tea-lights or plain white tealights – available at a craft store
  • Black Puffy Paint
  • Mini Santa hats, or top hats – available at various craft stores and Walmart
  • Hot glute or glue
  • Optional: Orange glitter, Mod PodgeSnowman-Tealights-supplies

Note: You can use any tea lights that you want, but I think that the glitter tea lights from Michael’s make these snowman Christmas ornaments extra special. You could try glittering some plain ones on your own if you can’t find them already glittered.

How to Make DIY Snowman Ornaments

  1. Hot glue your hat of choice on to the top of the tea light. For the felt Santa hats, I folded them back and secured with hot glue. If you are using a fabric hat, make sure you don’t obscure the switch on the back of the tea light. A bit of felt and white pom pom could easily be turned into a hat.
  2. Optional step: If you would like to glitter the snowman nose with orange, now is the time. Using a small brush, coat the light/nose with Mod Podge and dip in orange glitter. Let dry. I love the look of the orange glitter if the tea light is turned off. When you turn the light on however, you can see that there is not 100% even glitter coverage. It can look a little splotchy. If you plan on leaving the tea light off, then I recommend glitter. If you want to have the tea light on most of the time, I recommend no glitter.
  3. Using the puffy paint, give your snowman two eyes and five dots for a mouth. Let dry completely.
  4. Add an ornament hanger. Depending on your snowman hat, you probably have a few options. I poked a hole through the felt hat and added ribbon and an ornament hook. The hard Santa hats were already ornaments with their own hangers. For the top hats, I screwed in little screw eyes and added an ornament hook. Whatever method you choose, just make sure the ornament hanger is over the center of the tea light. Otherwise the ornament will tip to the front or back.

There you have an adorable snowman for your Christmas tree.


That’s it! All done. You can’t get too much simpler than that. So far, everyone that has seen them at my house, has just fallen in love with them. Once you start making them, it is hard to stop!

Ashley is from Cute as a Fox. Visit her for more craft ideas. Don’t miss Ashley’s Rustic Woodland Creatures Ornaments.

Christmas Crafts

When you have finished making homemade snowman ornaments celebrate the holiday season with these fun crafts and activities.

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  1. I habe used an orange shapie to color tje flame, takes a couple coats, donts let completely dry between as it will rub off, also do with light off and turn on to see if any missed spots
    Turns out great and not splotchy and don’t have to worry about glotter falling off. Hope this is helpful.

  2. You can also add a pin back to make a fun pin. I colored my nose with orange sharpie. Took several coats but result was a smooth look not slotchy.

  3. These are adorable! The perfect craft for my students to make during our winter party! I can find the santa hats but where did you get the top hats from?

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