This cute Valentine’s day is a perfect treat for your classroom valentines this year.  Kids love soda.    If you need another idea this free printable nuts about you valentine would be great to gift friends.   Don’t miss these amazing Valentines.  I have teamed up with some of the most creative bloggers to share the cutest Valentines imaginable. Each day you will be amazed with their cleverness! You will want to stop by and see these fabulous ideas.
Soda The Best Valentine

Hi! I am Larissa from Just Another Day in Paradise. I am pretty excited to be back at Skip to My Lou to share another classroom Valentine idea. This year my classroom Valentine idea is simple, easy, and perfect for that tween boy. The tween boy who still wants to be a part of the Valentine hubbub but is above the lovey dovey nonsense. Since I have four boys, two in or approaching this very age I am starting to consider myself quite the expert on the tweenage boy subject.

This classroom Valentine involves one of my sons’ favorite things-soda. Last year my son passed out these All That and a Bag of Chips Valentine. Chips last year, soda this year. Basically, my son, like most 12 year old boys, really likes food. In fact, most kids that age do. This You Are Soda The Best Valentine is the perfect way for a tweenage boy to say subtly Happy Valentine’s Day.




Soda Valentine 5

The tags are simple and include absolutely no frills, hearts, or cupids. No declaration of love. Just a simple black and white shout out to their classroom peeps.

Soda The Best Valentine 3

Download the tags HERE. I bought 12 packs of affordable soda. You could buy any flavor. I got all wild and crazy and attached the tag with coordinating yarn. Notice I made sure to not use a bow to tie the yarn. Remember fore mentioned lack of frills. This could also be fun for a tweenage girl to give. Especially if it was a fruit punch or grape soda with matching ribbon. Then you can go ahead and tie that ribbon in a bow.

But, again, no bows here. Just a cool refreshing soda and a simple Valentine. You’re welcome my tweenage son.

Soda Valentine 4

I recently did both a round up of a bunch of boy-approved valentines and a round up for boy-approved valentine’s t-shirts.

Boy Approved Valentines Collage edit

Boy Approved Valentines

Boy Approved Valentine T-shirts edit

Boy Approved Valentine T-shirts

It was fun to hang out today. Hope you stop by Just Another Day in Paradise and see what other shenanigans I am up to.


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