Making Splish Splash Water Maze Fun is a totally fun and creative way to get kids thinking this summer!    It is  a fun kids activity your children will love doing this summer. If you are looking for more boredom busting ideas check out all our summer crafts and activities  ideas to keep kids active and entertained this summer!  The best craft bloggers are sharing  fun kids crafts! From making a Recycled Sharpie Sun Catcher to a DIY Memory Book you will find fun creative ideas!

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Hello everyone!  I’m Mary Beth from Cupcakes and Crinoline and today I’m here to share a kids craft that can provide hours of fun for your little ones and you.

Easy and fun to make water maze for kids ~ rearrange the bottles and tubes in different configurations.

Most kids are fascinated by water and love to play in it.  This is a great way to combine play and fascination and to stretch their imagination.  It only takes a little water as you can recycle what you use making it a great alternative in times of drought or when you want to conserve water.  You can make this set up for under $20.00.

Easy and fun to make water maze for kids ~ rearrange the bottles and tubes in different configurations.


1 inch plastic mesh fence ~ I bought mine at Home Depot

Pool Tubes ~ 1 or 2 depending on how large a maze you want to make {Dollar Tree}

Pop Toobs ~ 3 {Dollar Tree}

Funnel ~ you can use a basic plastic kitchen funnel or a funnel like the one I used which is from an auto parts store.  I chose this one because I already had it on hand.

Empty plastic bottles

2 watering cans

Clamps or hooks to hang your plastic mesh

Scissors to cut the mesh, plastic bottles and pool tubes {an adult will have to do this}

Gardener’s Velcro or Twist-Ties {I used a roll of twist-ties that I purchased in the garden department}

kids-craft-water-maze 1


Easy and fun to make water maze for kids ~ rearrange the bottles and tubes in different configurations.

1.  Lay out the plastic mesh and cut to the size for your space.  I cut mine 2 feet wide by 7 feet long.  Attach the mesh with hooks or clamps.  I used clamps to attach mine to the railing on my front porch. 3

2.  Cut the pool noodles into varying lengths the smallest being 6 inches and the largest being 12 inches. 4

3.  Cut the pool noodles in half from top to bottom; they’ll look like hot dog buns.  These will be placed on the toobs and connections for support.


4.  Cut the bottoms off the plastic bottles and remove the caps. 5

5.  Attach a tube to the funnel and then attach the funnel to the top of the mesh using the Velcro or twist-ties. 9

6.  Place the Pop Toobs into the bottoms or tops of the plastic bottles keeping in place with the pool noodles.  Tighten this up securely with the twist-ties.


7.  Now have fun and arrange the Pop Toobs and bottles in a random pattern attaching to the plastic mesh with twist-ties ~ use the top picture as a guide always building downward so the water can flow properly.


8.  Place a watering can at the bottom to catch the water.

9.  Start pouring the water through the funnel on the top and watch it come down through the tubes and bottles.


10.  Swap out the filled watering can on the bottom for the empty one from the top and start all over again.

The inspiration for this came from Family Fun Magazine//June/July 2013

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  1. My grandson would love this project! Pinning so we can do together when he comes to visit in a few weeks!

  2. omg this is adorable! My boys would love this, pinning so I can make it for them this summer!

  3. How fun is this, in every way! The colors, water and the maze-everything a kid could ever want 🙂

  4. How fun Mary Beth! Kiddos love playing in the water, especially during summer.

  5. I don’t know what it is with kids and water but they sure do love to play in and with it! 😉 This does look like hours of fun!


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