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Hello again, Skip to my Lou readers!  I’m Jill from Create.Craft.Love and I am so excited to be back this summer with another fun kids activity for the Summer Craft Camp series.  Last year I shared these Bubble Wand Flowers which were a big hit!

A couple of weeks ago, I was racking my brain trying to come up with something fun and different.  My son has been asking to try tie dye but I wanted to make it fun and silly.  We decided to use Kool-Aid and water guns to make these Squirt Gun Tie Dye t-shirts!

squirt gun tie dye beauty


Here’s what you need to make:

Kool-aid packs
Plastic cups and water (to mix Kool-Aid)
Squirt guns
White t-shirt
Cardboard (to protect your worldly belongings)

I went to Dollar Tree and picked up a couple of three packs of water guns.  Then we grabbed the brightest Kool-Aid flavors we could find.  We used watermelon, blue raspberry, cherry, green apple and orange.  I was worried that the yellow would be too light so we skipped it.

squirt gun tie dye supplies

We filled those plastic cups to half with water and then mixed in the Kool-Aid.

squirt gun tie dye koolaid

Carefully fill the water guns.  I used plastic baggies and clipped the corner off to act as a tiny funnel.

Lay the white t-shirt on the cardboard or use clothespins to hold to the cardboard.

squirt gun tie dye blank tshirt

Place in an area where you can manage easy clean up and let the kids go at it!

squirt gun tie dye reed in action

My son was cackling and giggling the whole time!  Once you are finished creating your masterpiece, allow to dry out in the sun.  Not only do they have a fun shirt to run around in, but it smells good too!

The color barely faded when we washed it!

squirt gun tie dye final

squirt gun tie dye horizontal

Be sure to stop by Create.Craft.Love for more fun summer craft ideas!

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