Need to plan an amazing party? These Star Wars party ideas are sure to wow all your Star Wars lovers.  From games to Star Wars food you will love the Star Wars themed party ideas and it is sure to help you pull off and plan the perfect Star Wars Birthday Party.  You won’t believe what you can make with a pool noodle and some duct tape.  There are also a lot of star wars printables that can simplify everything.  If you have a real star wars fan you might like these star wars lunch box notes.

Star Wars Party Ideas

Star Wars party ideas

Star Wars Food

Lightsabers and Star Wars are pretty much inseparable, making this printable Star Wars light saber treat cone is a must-have at your Star Wars party! Simply print out the template and assemble prior to filling with your guest of honor’s favorite party snack such as popcorn, candy or pretzels!

Star Wars food

This Death Star Cake is pretty amazing.  With all this detail it would be the star of the party!

birthday cakes

These Storm Trooper Cupcakes would be pretty cool on the dessert table. Mom, you’ll like them because you can use a cake box mix to create a fast and easy version of the Storm Troopers for your troop.

star wars cupcakes

Turn a plain water cooler into this amazing R2-D2 water cooler Opt for colored duct tape unless you feel like having a permanent R2-D2 water cooler.

star wars themed

Wookie Cookies! Chewbacca style – These are adorable and come together easier than you would think.

Need a snack or meal idea? These cool BB8 Quesadillas are sure to the perfect snack food for hungry kids.

You can also make these easy snacks.

These Cheese Puffs renamed as Thermal Detonators, and these string cheeses decorated as Storm Troopers are both great examples of tailoring everyday snacks for a Star Wars Birthday Party. Also, these Chewbacca bites are simple enough to make. They’re just marshmallows dipped in melted caramel then rolled in Cocoa Krispies.


For a healthy treat, I am blown away by the Death Star Watermelon  Star Wars party ideas for May the Fourth. Hope you’re handy with a paring knife!

dessert table

Star Wars Games

Use pool noodles and duct tape to create these pool noodle lightsabers. Kids can spend hours play fighting with these harmless soft toys they also make a great star wars party favor

star wars party favor

What party is complete without a piñata This Death Star piñata will win you the “parent of the year” award in your family. 

star wars party decoration

And you can’t forget princess leia with this twist on a classic: pin the bun on the Leia.

princess leiaThis Lightsaber balloon party game is very simple they had to keep the balloon in the air using their lightsaber only. The three who could keep theirs in the air the longest won a prize.

printable star wars

You could also print and make these Storm Trooper Targets. Grab some nerf guns. Stack them up and let them have fun shooting.

These storm trooper balloons would be loads of fun to hit and fight!

Create this carnival-style can toss!

Need an invite? Water bottle labels? These Star wars party printables are perfect for you!

printable star wars

Want more Star Wars Ideas?

Try these…

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Star Wars Valentines

Star Wars LightSaber Valentines


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  1. Do you have the light saber candy wrapper file that you made for valentines day, without “happy valentines day” on it? I would love to use it for a star wars party favor. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas!!

  2. Padewan braids to clip in their hair when they arrive (even the boys were happy with this).

    Planet Twister… rename the colours as Star Wars planet names.

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