How cool are these Star Wars Valentines with glow stick lightsabers? Every kid will love getting not only a Valentine but also a lightsaber… well okay a glow stick. They make a cute girl or boy Valentines and they are something kids will love passing out at class parties.  

Star Wars Valentines with Lightsabers

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Grab these free printable Star Wars valentines featuring favorite characters like Princess Leia, Yoda, Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker. These Star Wars theme classroom Valentines are sure to be a hit with classmates. The added glow stick light sabers make them the best Valentine exchange cards in the galaxy!

Free Printable Star Wars Valentines with Lightsabers Supplies

Most of the supplies can be found at a large craft store, even the glow in the dark bracelets.  They were only one dollar a package.  I think I have also seen them at the dollar store.

  • glow in the dark bracelets
  • glue dots
  • free printable
  • printer
  • scissors

How to Make Star Wars Valentines

Download the printable and print in color on white card stock.

printable lightsaber star wars
I think these are cuter than Hallmark Valentines Day cards!

Cut the Valentine cards apart. Use a couple of glue dots or a tape runner to attach the glow stick. It is so easy so let the kids do it all!

printable star wars lightsaber valentines

More Free Star Wars Valentine’s Cards

If you don’t want a lightsaber you might like these Star Wars Valentines. They are super cute too with some fun sayings.

Star Wars Valentines
Perfect for Star Wars fans!

Transform Rolo candies into lightsabers with these free printable wrappers! It’s a fun way to add a Star Wars twist to your treats.

lightsaber valentines
Free Printable Lightsaber Valentines
4 baby Yoda Valentine cards: Yoda one for me; You're out of this world; the force is strong with you; Yoda best
Baby Yoda Valentines

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Printable Star Wars Lunch Box Notes

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More Valentine’s Day Cards

Enjoy all the free printable Valentine’s Day cards perfect for a classroom exchange here on Skip to My Lou!

printable valentines

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  1. Thank you for having these available!! 3rd Baby on the way next week & my mind is all over the place – a quick run to the dollar store & got these done in no time for school exchange. So cute & worked perfectly!!

  2. I need permission from Staples to print these. Coukd you send me an email please 🙂 These are awesome

  3. Oh my goodness! These are perfect for my son’s kindergarten class. No nuts, no chocolate (sad face by me!) and just fun. Thank you so much for sharing! xoxoxox’s

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  5. These are ADORABLE!!! Thank you! You just saved me so much time and stress. My 4th grader is over the moon excited to pass these out to her class.


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