Have you seen the new colorful line of stylish organization items at Michael’s that includes all these pretty boxes? Michaels just launched a new line of storage and organization product called Cre8ted Spaces available in stores now and it has tons of different colors, bins and office supplies – with more than 300 new items in 4 coordinating colors, you have to check it out!

michaels cre8ted space

I am so excited because I am on a mission to get my sewing supplies organized!  In February I am starting a website devoted to teaching children to sew. There is one twist though, each child will have a friends that they can sew their project for and send to them in the mail. If you know a young creative they can sign up at pinpalkids.com to be notified when the website launches! I would love your help in getting the word out!

Stylish Organization

stylish organization

As you can see I have some opportunities in thread organization!  I needed to do some purging and organizing.


So then I found these pretty boxes I was so happy.  Actually all the organization supplies gave the inpiration to get busy.

organizing boxes

I lined the boxed with some scrapbooking paper and then starting filling the spaces. I am on a roll and excited to make my space beautifully organized.  What about you?

organized thread

If you don’t know where to begin, you can always take a look at some of the funstorage projects on Michaels.com or the other 49 makers’ ideas on The Glue String for tips on designing, organizing and decorating their favorite places!

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