Hunting for plastic bugs is a great way to get get outside!  It is a fun kids activity that will keep kids busy and happy for a few hours. Include some sorting and learning to keep kids interested.  If you are looking for more boredom busting ideas check out all our summer crafts and activities  ideas to keep kids active and entertained this summer!  The best craft bloggers are sharing  fun kids crafts! From 3D Chalk Recipe  to Craft Sticks Bracelets you will find fun creative ideas!

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We all know a mom’s life can be a little cuh-razy! Especially summer time when all the little munchkins are running around the house creating havoc sweet memories.

As much as I love all the fun activities that I get to enjoy with my kids during the summertime, there are moments when I would die for 10 minutes to myself. With a 1 & 2 year old at my house, these moments are very rare and far between. Which is why I need to get creative with fun summer boredom busters if I want even 2 minutes on the potty without an audience.

Today I am going to provide one of those creative moments for you. All you need is a package of plastic bugs and maybe a plastic shovel or digging tool (plastic spoon anyone?).

summer activity with bugs


  • Step 1: Bury all of the bugs in the dirt
  • Step 2: Ask your child to use their digging tool to find them all. Depending on your child’s age, add some learning instruction to the activity such as, “Can you find all of the bugs and sort them into colors?”summer digging activity for the kids

If the task is completed and you need another 10 minutes, bury them again and give another task such as, “Can you line them up from biggest to smallest?” or “can you sort them into two piles: bugs that fly and bugs that crawl?” or “Can you count all of the bugs once you find them?” “Can you draw a picture of each bug as you find them?”

Are you catching on to the endless options for distraction? You’re welcome. 🙂

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  1. This is an fabulous idea! Thank you for sharing your creativity. I love your blog and your name.

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