Hi there! It’s Laura from Inspiration for Moms. I am so happy to be here visiting on Skip to my Lou today. Let’s face it, making all these fabulous kids crafts can make little ones hungry. I have the perfect snack to compliment any project. My Summer Campfire Snacks are sure to be hit with campers from young to old!

Summer Campfire Snacks

The great thing about these snacks is every one wins. Moms love it because it’s healthy and kids love it because it’s an awesome campfire! Plus this wholesome treat only takes minutes to make.

First, gather your supplies. Some crackers (represents the ground), grapes (for the stones), pretzel sticks (for the wood), and cheese (for the fire flame).

Summer Campfire Snacks supplies

Next it’s time to build the fire pit. Cut your grapes in half and place in a ring along the outer edge of your cracker.

Summer Campfire Snacks - build fire pit

Next it’s time to add the fire. Take a piece of cheese and cut flames on one end. Then place in the middle of your stones aka the grapes. 🙂

Summer Campfire Snacks - add fire

And lastly, it’s time for our wood. Now you may have wondered why I didn’t add the pretzels before the cheese. I think it’s easier to get the cheese to stand up with the pretzels giving it a little more support. So, break your pretzels in half and pile them on the campfire to finish the snack.

Summer Campfire Snacks - add wood

And that my friends, is how you build a campfire snack! My son has been loving snack time at our house lately and I think you can see why. 😉

Summer Campfire Snacks close up

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Thank you so much for letting me visit with you. I’d love for you to stop by Inspiration for Moms and say Hi anytime! You can also chat with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and see what I’ve been pinning on Pinterest.

Wishing you all a wonderful summer with your little happy campers! 🙂

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