Often during the summer we are lucky to be able to welcome houseguests. This guest basket is the perfect way to help our guests feel at home.  If you are looking for fun ideas to entertain your guests especially if they have kids here a a long list of kids activities kids activities for inspiration.   Angela is here to share a great way to welcome and prepare for the house guests that might be coming this summer!

When summer rolls around, it’s the perfect time to welcome family and friends to stay in our homes.  It’s awesome when we can make their visit feel a little like a cozy bed-and-breakfast, with the added perk of staying with good friends!  While we don’t have a dedicated guest room in this season of having lots of our own kiddos at home, I’ve outfitted my office to easily transition into a welcoming space for guests to stay.  With a little advance prep, you can keep these items on-hand and be ready at a moment’s notice, to create a summer fun guest basket: welcome friends and make new summer memories!


diy summer fun guest basket

Growing up, I loved how my mom always created a little “welcome” for our guests.  She’d include fresh towels, extra travel-sized toiletries, and often a little personalized treat she’d picked up along the way.  As an adult, I feel spoiled when I take my family home, and we become the guests, and I love sharing that blessing with our friends who come to stay a while.  Today I’m sharing a welcome basket you can create for your summer visitors!

Some of the things I like to include in a guest basket are:

guest gift basket

A water bottle.  You can use flavored water, seltzer, or even add a packet or two of powdered lemon or fruit flavoring.  Your guests can take it with them when they go exploring or when they hit the road for home.  Above I’ve pictured a glass decanter with its own cup, but we also often include a disposable bottle so guest can take it when they leave.


Room spray or a candle.  I like to include scented tea lights or a tiny tin candle my guest can keep, but I also have a tart warmer nearby that I try to have burning before they arrive.  I picked up this candle in the dollar section of our local “big box” store.  A note: fruity scents or grassy ones seem to be more “guest friendly” than florals (or maybe that’s just my personal preference!); likewise, think of the season.  Since it’s summer now, I’ll use coconut or something beachy.  In spring, it might be an herbal scent, and of course in the fall I’ll light a spicy or pumpkin scent.  Don’t forget a pretty lighter or matches!


Mints or gum and a small snack.  It’s so nice to have chocolate on your pillow in a fine hotel, isn’t it?  How much nicer to have a little treat before bed, without having to go out or ask your host.  We included mints and an apple and banana – I always like fresh fruit when I’ve been stuck eating “road food” for a while!  If your guest will be exploring without you, you might consider including a small gift card to a local favorite coffee shop or cafe.


Lip balm, hand lotion, travel toiletries.  My mom always kept a pretty glass container in the guest bath with any travel toiletries she picked up and didn’t use.  I’ve added a few to our gift basket so our guests can use and take them.  It’s so nice to have extras in case they’ve forgotten anything.  In this basket I included a disposable face mask, so our guest can treat themselves to a mini-spa-experience while away from home!


Sunscreen and a beach towel.  It’s easy to pick up a travel size so when our visitors hit the pool, the beach, or the local park, and every summer fun guest basket should include a beach essential or two; then visitors don’t have to worry about missing a moment.


Entertainment.  I found coloring books everywhere I turned this season, and they’re so much fun for a relaxing moment.  You can also find printable coloring pages, copy them onto cardstock, and include a bundle of sharpened colored pencils.


Household info.  The WIFI password is almost an essential when visiting for more than a day (of course your guest will want to post a pic of their goodies!).  This little printable card has a well-wishing quote and room for the WIFI password plus any extra info.  My daughter hand-lettered the “welcome” for you.  You can print it on cardstock and include in your gift basket, or if you have a permanent guest room, you can even frame it to have on display.

What’s your favorite way to welcome guests to your home?


Angela Sackett is a Jesus-girl.   She’s also a wife, a momma of five, a big dreamer, and hopefully, an encourager.
On her perfect day, you’d find her sipping some kind of fruity, spicy tea (but not Rooibos for some reason), with leather-scented candles lit and acoustic worship playing on guitar (preferably, by one of her kiddos), deep in discussion… or better yet, with her nose deep in a good book.

She blogs at Sal et Lux (home and hospitality) and at Dancing With My Father (family and devotional).  You might enjoy these recent posts:

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