Well HAPPY SUMMER everyone!! I’m Heather from WhipperBerry and I’m super excited to share one of my fun projects that is perfect for the kiddos to not only make but they have a ball playing with as well.

Water Bombs 032

A few years ago I was planning an activity for our youth at church and I came up with our version of water dodge ball.  We used large car wash sponges and several huge buckets of water in a large field, broke the kiddos up into teams and let them go to town.  They LOVED it!!!  It has become a tradition every summer here in these parts.  I decided that it would be fun to kick the game up a notch and create some colorful and fun sponge bombs for our water dodge ball tradition.

I bought sponges, a mop and some drawer liners.  All very durable materials!

love 007

The girls and I then cut up the mop, sponges and drawer liners to make our components for the sponge bombs.

Water Bombs 002

You then decide how big you want your bombs to be… I cut each sponge into thirds {tall thirds} and used two sponges per bomb. and then randomly added the color strips.

Water Bombs 015

We then gathered them and wrapped them with a cable tie.

Water Bombs 017

Cinch the cable tie down really tight…

Water Bombs 019

… and then trim the tail.

Water Bombs 021

You may be worried about he cable tie… but don’t.  By the time you cinch it down real tight the hard knob gets lost inside the sponges and it doesn’t cause any problems at all.  My kiddos have played with these for HOURS without any complaints.

Water Bombs 025

Trim the long strips to make it a little more uniform.  Fluff and grab a bucket!!!

Water Bombs 061

Aren’t they cute?!?


Even my little guy LOVED them.  He had to play with them while dry as to not get his poor cast wet.


Let the kiddos go WILD!  They LOVE these!!  Who needs Sponge Bob when you have SPONGE BOMBS!!!!

Happy Summer everyone and thanks Cindy for letting us join the party!! Come on over to WhipperBerry to see what else we are up to this summer, I’d love to have you!

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  1. What a cute idea… that could be also a beautiful Mother Day Gift togehther with a nice little handmade Card… what a shame that Mother Day in Germany is already over ;o)…. Thank you so much for inspiration! Fan-Hug from Jutty&Poppy from Germany

  2. This looks great! I will be babysitting two little boys for the next two weeks. We just may have to make and use these! @ Northern Cottage – It’s funny that you have to wait for a hot day. We could have done this in early April! 😀

  3. What a cool idea!. We have a family gettogether every summer and keeping the kids occupied is sometimes a challenge. This is going to be great – especially if it is hot. Thanks so much

  4. AND…..they even match your girls swimsuits! Lol! I made some a few weeks ago, but mine are not NEAR as cute as yours! The kids loved them!

  5. Love this idea!! Now I need some sponges and mop heads, already have rolls and rolls of drawer liners!! You could even *gasp* clean with these too!

  6. how FUN and yet so PRETTY are THESE? Awesome share – can’t wait for a HOT day to whip some up and make use of them with the kiddos!

  7. Very cool! That looks cute and like a lot of fun to make and to play with! Another awesome idea!


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