These little surprise balls filled with hidden items make a gift full of wonder and excitement

Green surprise ball with a red ribbon

What is a Surprise Ball

Surprise balls are balls made up of layers of colorful crepe paper ribbons wrapped around wide assortment of hidden prizes. As you unwind the crepe paper strips you uncover the small presents inside. The element of surprise makes them a super fun activity full of hidden good fortune.

Surprise ball made with orange and yellow crepe paper with a blue toy ant

Here is What you Need to Make a Surprise Ball

  • strips of crepe paper
  • fun toys
  • tape
  • scissors
  • ribbon (optional)
Supplies for making surprise balls

Ideas for Handmade Surprise Balls Gifts

The biggest requirement is that the toys be small items. The smaller, the flatter the better. The ball can be started with a larger item like a miniature bottle of bubbles or a bouncy ball. Many items can be found at the dollar store.

  • temporary tattoo
  • charms
  • sweets
  • stickers
  • balloons
  • candy
  • paper fortunes
  • fortune fish
  • a favorite quote written on a slip of paper make inspirational keepsakes
  • a joke
  • marbles
  • a clown nose
  • coins
  • chocolate
  • miniature confetti popper
  • puzzle pieces (then the recipient can put together the puzzle
  • tiny vintage style toys can give the ball a retro feel
  • rubber whoppie cushion
  • rings
  • necklaces
  • bracelets
  • hairbands

How to Make a Surprise Ball

  1. Begin by cutting about a dozen strips of crepe paper 36″ long each. In the beginning, fold the crepe paper in half and wrap it around the first object.strips of crepe paper
  2. Wrap the crepe paper around a few times and then add in another surprise. As the ball gets bigger it will become unnecessary to fold the crepe paper.wrapping crepe paper around small trinkets to make surprise ball
  3. When the crepe paper runs out, simply start with another piece.wrapping present in surprise ball
  4. Make sure trinkets are covered before adding another. Wrap tightly and sometimes it might be necessary to slightly twist the crepe paper to get it to cover the ball nicely.wrapping surpise ball with crepe paper to hide trinkets
  5. Continue wrapping and adding treats! Once the ball is the desired size, tape the end to finish surprise balls
  6. For the final layer, cut about 2 yards of crepe paper in the color you want the finished ball. Fold crepe paper in half as it is tightly wrapped around the ball. Some surprise balls use a sheet of tissue paper to wrap around the ball for the final layer. wrapping surprise ball
  7. Fasten end of crepe paper with tape. The surprise ball is finished. If you like you can add a fun sticker or bring a ribbon up around the surprise ball on four sides and tie a bow.
surprise balls

If you want to make one for the holidays they can make fun Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree. Simply attach a wire hanger to the bow.

surprise ball ornament

These fun surprize balls make great party favors, small gifts, hostess gifts and even fun party games for guests..

PARTY GAME IDEA: We once made a surprize ball out of painters blue tape for a classroom party. The tape made it a bit more difficult to unwrap. The kids passed the ball around each unwrapping an item. Play music and only let the person the music stops on unwrap if you like. Clear packing tape really makes it challenging for other kids. Just make sure to choose items the package tape won’t destroy. The kids loved paying this.

They would also make a great advent activity to allow the children to unwrap a surprise each day before Christmas arrives. Just make sure to hide 24 gifts. The balls also make fun gifts for the extended family at large family gatherings.

How exciting to unwrap a ball and find so many treats hidden inside! A great gift idea for adults and kids!

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