Taco jokes are the best kind of food-themed humor! They have the perfect mix of puns, innuendos, and silly observations that make them great for sharing with family and friends.

Whether you’re looking for a quick laugh or an entertaining conversation starter, these taco jokes will be sure to get everyone laughing.

Drawing of two cute tacos with a smiley face and doodles around it.
  1. Do you know what happens when you eat 50 Taco Bells? You end up in tacocoma.
  2. What did Wilford Brimley get whenever he ate Taco Bell? Diarrhetus.
  3. Why did I visit Taco Bell even though I was not hungry? I was out of gas.
  4. Why are Tacos depressed? Because they’re always falling apart
  5. What did I do when the doctor advised me to stop eating McDonalds so much? I started eating Taco Bell.
  6. Do you know why you cannot tell a taco a secret? Because they always end up spilling the beans.
  7. Where are the best tacos served? In the Gulp of Mexico!
  8. How do tacos say grace? “Lettuce pray.”
  9. Why didn’t Superman eat the nachos at tonight’s taco Tuesday dinner? He’s afraid of that chip-tonight.
  10. Why are tortillas such bad conversationalists? They always tacover you!
  11. What’s the difference between a Taco and my wife? A Taco lets me eat it before it disagrees with me!
  12. What is the name of Tinkerbell’s sister? Taco Bell.
  13. Do you know what the secret recipe of Taco Bell is? Neither do I, they keep it under wraps.
  14. How do taco chefs live their lives? By seasoning the moment!
  15. What does Pac-Man put on his tacos? Guacauacauacauacauacauacauacauamole.
  16. What do you call a cold taco? A brrrrrrr-ito.
  17. What do you call a semi-aquatic reptile that loves Mexican food? A tacodile.
  18. What did the IT support guy do yesterday after eating Taco Bell? He troubleshat
  19. What did the manager say when I ate the entire Taco Bell menu? He asked me to get down from the counter.
  20. Why did the baker open a tortilla factory? For the extra dough!
  21. Why don’t you want to “taco” ‘bout it? ‘Cause I’m “nacho” friend anymore.
  22. Why did the Mexican restaurant get such a great review on Tuesday night? It was nacho average Taco Tuesday!
  23. What did the Krispy Kreme donut sign say on Taco Tuesday? Don’t forget about us today, we have fillings too…
  24. What is a taco’s favorite TV show? Better Call Salsa.
  25. Why did the taco chef stop cooking? He ran out of thyme.
  26. Wanna know something cool? Taco cat spelled backward is taco cat.
  27. What was the taco’s favorite part of the day? Cumin home.
  28. What did the taco mom ask her upset taco son? Wanna taco bout it?
  29. What does a taco say on Saint Patrick’s Day? “Taco the morning to ya!”
  30. Why did the Mexican put hot sauce on his taco? Por flavor
  31. What should someone do if they get diarrhea every time they go to Taco Bell? They should start ordering online.
  32. What is a taco’s favorite musical genre? Wrap ‘n’ roll.
  33. What attacked the nacho while he was out fishing? A tacodile.
  34. What will happen if Dominos end up acquiring Taco Bell? It will be like a hostile tacover.
  35. Do you know what the best meditation is? Inhale tacos, exhale negativity.
  36. Why didn’t the taco chef show up for work today? He had a bad queso the flu.
  37. What did the taco say to the guacamole? “Avocado adoration for you.”
  38. What was the fly doing in the taco sauce? The backstroke.
  39. What did the EMT say to the choking guy at Taco Bell? Live más.
  40. How would Eminem be the perfect employee at Taco Bell? Because he is basically a wrap god.
  41. Are you into fitness? Yeah, I’m fit’n’ess whole taco into my mouth.
  42. Did you hear about the tortilla rebellion? It was a hostile “taco-ver.”
  43. What do you call cheese that doesn’t belong to you? Nacho cheese
  44. What do you call an ocean full of tacos? Flotilla
  45. What would have stopped Taco Bell from not opening due to short staff? Hiring tall people.
  46. Do you know why you cannot make everyone happy? It’s simple, you are not a taco.
  47. Did that taco chef act rudely toward me? Yeah, he was jalapeño business.
  48. What’s a taco’s favorite TV show? Better Call Salsa.
  49. How much do taco chefs earn? A meager celery.
  50. What does a chicken taco say? Guawk guawk!!
  51. What would turn out to be a perfect name for a princess who eats tacos the whole day? TacoBella.
  52. Do you know why the taco chef didn’t come to work today? Because she had bad queso the flu.
  53. Why are tortillas such terrible conversationalists? Because they always “taco-ver” you.
  54. Do you believe in love at first sight? I do, because it happens to me every time I see a taco.
  55. Why are tortillas annoying party guests? They always try to tacover you.
  56. Who would be an ideal match for Taco Beast? Taco Belle.
  57. Do you know what a taco’s favorite musical genre is? It is wrap ‘n’ roll.
  58. Why do taco jokes always get such a bad wrap? They can be really corny.
  59. Why is it so bad to insult a taco? Because tacos have fillings, too.
  60. Why was the chicken hesitating to cross the road? Because on the other side of the road, there was a Taco Bell.
  61. Why don’t you want to taco about it? Because I am nacho friend anymore.
  62. What do you call a tortilla chip that works out? A macho nacho.
  63. What do you call a cynical cow? Sour cream.
  64. Why should you go to Taco Bell with your childhood friends? To taco bout all the memories you have of each other.
  65. Did you hear about that new place? It’s the taco the town.
  66. What do you get when you mix the elemental compounds tantalum 73 and cobalt27? TA-CO.
  67. Do you know what a taco’s favorite film is? Catch Me If You Cayenne.
  68. What do tacos do on the weekend? Spend quality thyme with their kids.
  69. What is a good form of exercise for a tacos lover? Running to Taco Bell every day.
  70. Why did the taco blush? Because the taco saw the salad dressing.
  71. Did you see today’s forecast? t’s gonna be cold today and hot “tamale.”
  72. Do you know the joke about the Santa Fe taco? It is really corny.
  73. What’s the secret to making good tostada? Taco your time…
  74. What do you get when you put onions on your beans? Tear gas.
  75. What is the similarity between Taco Bell menu and DNA? Both are results of permutation combinations of four ingredients.
  76. What do you call people who use sleeping bags in the woods? Soft tacos for bears.
  77. Why did Taco Bell hire Eminem? Because he is a Wrap God.
  78. What did critics say about the new film War of the Tacos? It was a rather hostile taco-mentary.
  79. We did the chef ask the unruly nacho? Are you going taco-ooperate?
  80. Why does Taco Bell not make songs anymore? Because they are more into making wraps now.
  81. Do you know how to maintain a balanced diet? A taco in each hand.
  82. What do you call people who use sleeping bags in the woods? Soft tacos for bears.
  83. What do tacos do while drinking coffee? They read the pepper
  84. How can a taco get out of taco jail? By getting Taco Bail.
  85. If you eat twenty-five tacos and pass out, where will you wake up? Tacoma.
  86. How did the children enjoy their tour of the tortilla factory? They had a spec-taco-ular day!
  87. What did the employee at Taco Bell do when I asked for salsa? He started dancing.
  88. What do you call a boring taco? Aburrido.
  89. What did I say to the person who drove past me at the Taco Bell drive-through? “Hey, don’t you dare taco-ver me”.
  90. What is the other name for a vessel made out of corn? Tortilla ship.
  91. What did the baby Toyota say when Mama Toyota asked what he wanted for lunch? “A Taco, ma.”
  92. What TV shows do taco lover’s love to watch? Guerrilla Tacos.
  93. Why was the taco crying? Because onions were being chopped in front of him.
  94. What type of toppings does a duck want on its taco? Quack-amole.
  95. What type of triangle would tortilla chips be? They will be i-salsa-less triangles.
  96. How do you make a taco stand? You take away its chair.
  97. What do you call a Spanish Sloppy joe? A Sloppy Jose!
  98. What services do taco sauce protectors provide? Mild Protective Services.
  99. What type of tortilla chip dip would a religious person prefer? Gauca-holy.
  100. What is a restaurant for robots called? Dell Taco.
  101. Where is the best place to get good tacos? The Gulp of Mexico!
  102. What is a taco’s favorite TV show? Better Call Salsa.
  103. How does a tortilla chip sneeze? Na-choooooo.
  104. What did the taco say to the burrito? “Where you bean?”
  105. What does Taco bell sauce and Ramen Noodles taste like together? Poverty.
  106. Why was the tortilla scared to go skydiving? Because he had vertaco.
  107. How was the taco that my foreign friend made for me? Mexcellent.
  108. Why was everyone scared of that tortilla chip? Because he was a nacho man.
  109. What do you call a person who spilled tacos all over the floor? A messy-can!
  110. What did the dad tortilla say to the son tortilla when he was misbehaving? “Don’t taco back to me”.
  111. Where do tacos call in case of emergency? 9 Juan Juan.
  112. “Sir, did you realize the consequences of naming your son Taco Cheese? ”“No, but I had grate expectations.”
  113. What is a cheese lover’s favorite composer? Mozart-arella.
  114. How do tacos usually travel? In a Taco-ma.
  115. What kind of person doesn’t like tacos? No Juan.
  116. Why can taco share everything with his parents but burrito can not? Because taco is more open.
  117. How much do I love tacos? From my head tomatoes.
  118. Why are tacos like South America? They have Chile on the side.
  119. Why didn’t the chef slice his cheese? He had grater plans.
  120. What happens when you go on an all-cheese diet? You cheddar few pounds.
  121. Who were the first cheese lovers ever? Edam and Eve.
  122. What kind of cheese do rodents like? Mousearella.
  123. Did you hear they put a taqueria on the moon? Great food, but terrible atmosphere.
  124. What happened when the taco maker made some fish tacos? They did not eat it and swam away from him.
  125. There’s a Mama Taco, a Daddy Taco, and a Baby Taco. Who watches Baby Taco when Mama Taco and Daddy Taco go out on a date? Aunt Chilada.
  126. What did one taco say to the other when he was acting unusual? “You are nachoself today”.

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