Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up next week (the first week of May).  Get creative with these  ideas from some of the most talented bloggers during my Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas series! All April we will be featuring great ideas. I can’t wait to see what they share. You will be totally prepared with ideas to thank your teachers!  This Pencil Sharpener Charm Bracelet is the perfect way to give a handmade gift. Give a gift card with these colorful teacher appreciation gift card holder.

Hi! I’m Jen from 100 Directions. I’m excited to share with you another Teacher Appreciation gift idea! I always struggle with gift ideas. At our school, the classes collect money at the beginning of the year and then use that throughout the year to buy various class gifts for the teachers. We also have little questionnaires all the teachers fill out to things like their favorite snacks, colors, activities, etc. But even then, it’s hard for me to decide. So in our house, we really focus on encouraging the kids to share a little note, draw a picture or make treats. So today I have a free printable card kit and gift tag you can use to accompany any gift you choose. The kids can help assemble the card and tag and even share a note if they’d like

Teacher Appreciation Card kit designed by Jen Goode
Teacher Appreciation Card kit designed by Jen Goode

Make a Teacher Appreciation Card

This Printable card kit comes with all the pieces you need to create your own gift card holder as well as a layered gift tag. You can pair this handmade card with your favorite gift ideas. Package up some home made treats and tie the gift tag on, or find that perfect bunch of daisies and add in a the card. Just the little touch of a handmade card to say thank you can mean the world to our teachers!

Materials you’ll need to make this card:

To make your own card:

  1. Print and cut out all the pieces to create your own card. You can use scissors to make rounded corners or use a rounded corner punch.
  2. To create a gift card pocket inside your card, cut out the inside message and apply glue to three sides, left, right and bottom. Adhere in place at the top inside of the card. Allow to dry.
  3. Choose the greeting message you’d like to use, cut it out and adhere however you like.

That’s it!

Make a gift card holder inside your card
Make a gift card holder inside your card

The front of the card features a little painted red apple with a heart in the middle. There’s a handwritten script message that says “thank you for all you do”. This card was originally hand painted by me using watercolor paints and then converted to digital art so I could share it with you.

Printable Teacher Appreciation Card designed by Jen Goode
Printable Teacher Appreciation Card designed by Jen Goode

To make the gift tag:

  1. Cut out the two circle gift tag pieces from the printable kit. You can use a circle punch or just cut them out by hand.
  2. Layer the apple design circle on top of the plaid and adhere in place.
  3. Punch at a hole near the top of the tag, tie a piece of twine through it.
  4. Attach to your gift however you like.


Teacher Appreciation Gift Tag
Teacher Appreciation Gift Tag

The kit also comes with a basic envelope you can use or grab a standard greeting card envelope. You can also use the gift card as an embellishment for your envelope!

Teacher Appreciation Card kit by Jen Goode
Teacher Appreciation Card kit by Jen Goode

That’s all there is to it. You can make your own custom card, have the kids help, and even include a gift card if you’d like. You can add your own additional paper layers for more customizing. Personalize with a note… and maybe a little glitter!  Grab your own copy of this free teacher appreciation card printable!


More Teacher Appreciation gift ideas and printables I’ve created. 

Jen GoodeMore about Me. I’m Jen Goode (yes, it’s pronounced goodie). I’m an Illustrator and owner at JGoode Designs, a Denver based art studio. I LOVE all things creative. I spend my days creating all kinds of art and craft projects but especially love to doodle art on to anything I can get my hands on – paper, fabric, recycled stuffs… you name it! I also enjoy creating project concepts and art with a variety of brands including Cricut, HP and World Market.I hope this project has inspired you to get creative! Find more of creative ideas at 100 Directions. Find me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Happy Creating!


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