At our school, parents decorate the teachers’ doors each year for Teacher Appreciation. Here is a round-up of some clever door decorations for school to get you started, with new decorating ideas below.

Many teacher appreciation door ideas incorporate a cute saying or a play on words using the teacher’s name. You might also find inspiration with these 50 cute sayings for Teacher Appreciation.

Teacher Appreciation Door Ideas

So how do you come up with the perfect door theme for the teachers in your school? Start by asking students about what makes their teacher special.

Teacher Appreciation Week takes place the first full week of May each year, with the Tuesday of that week marking Teacher Appreciation Day. That means the school year is almost over by the time these days to honor educators roll around.

Over the course of the year, students get to know their teacher’s interests, hobbies, and quirks – all great starting points for a special show of appreciation. By creating a personalized decoration, you’ll bring joy to your child’s teacher and the whole class, too!

Door Decorating Ideas

You are sweeter than chocolate! With brown construction paper and a little aluminum foil, transform a classroom door into an actual “king-sized” chocolate bar!

“Baby, you’re the best!” This door is perfect for a teacher that might be pregnant or has just had a baby.  The pacifiers and baby toys would be an appreciated gift.

It is always cute to use the teacher’s name in rhyme. You’d be surprised at the creativity of kids when it comes to puns, rhymes, and fun plays on words involving the teacher’s name!

“Candygrams” are a really inviting way to decorate a door. “Thanks for passing on your ‘Mounds’ of knowledge so we can soar,” this door announces to one lucky teacher. “You are worth more than ‘100 Grand’ and you ‘Score’ an A+ with us!” Can you come up with other candy-related messages?

“Thanks for making 5th Grade a ‘Hoot’!” This hallway wall display is a great idea for a classroom door decoration.

What is the recipe for success? The main ingredient is a great teacher. This cooking-themed door adds a pinch of everything to the pot! Each student has a card with a handwritten contribution for their teacher.

“Great teachers are hard to find,” in a jumbo word-search perfect for the resident spelling bee masters at your school.

“Hoo Hoo loves Mrs. Conroe?” Student messages fill falling leaves in another owl-themed door hanging.

A movie stars theme is always exciting.

Thanks a ‘latte’ is the perfect door decoration for a teacher who loves coffee. Use this free “Thanks a ‘latte’ for all you do printable” to include a gift card!

We love our teacher because she helps us to bloom where we are planted. Use this editable “Thanks for helping me bloom printable”  to also give your teachers flowers or a plant.

Highlight a book!

You tended, we blossomed! The horizontal format of this wall hanging can be easily reconfigured for a door.

“We are glad you ‘Pinned’ us this year!” How sweet are the photos on this bulletin board?

“Miss Trafton is ‘Pinspiring’!” I don’t know about you, but if I were Miss Trafton, the hardest part about ending the school year would be taking these adorable decorations down.

We love Mrs. H. and Mrs. C. to pieces!

This “sun-sational” door decoration will have the whole school daydreaming about summer vacation.

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, Mrs. Andrews is the BEST of them all!

So cute to use texts and apps to show your appreciation. ‘iluv’ Miss Anderson! Thanks for helping us ‘app’ly ourselves!

Mrs. C is our Superhero!

“We go bananas over Mrs. Howell.”

“Mrs Scott is o-fish-ally the best!” Has there ever been a more appropriate use of a “school of fish”?

Showcase all the ways your teacher is “‘eggstra’ special” with photos and messages from all the good eggs in her class.

“You rock!” The music teacher will get a kick out of this theme.

“Thank you for quenching our thirst for learning!” So cute with the kids catching the drops in their mouths.

Thanking their teacher for preparing them for the “outside,” these students clearly have summer fun on their minds!

More Teacher Door Decorations

Keep reading. There are more door ideas – just click the links!

Teacher Appreciation

If you have visited before, you know that I love thanking teachers. It doesn’t have to be big – there are many small ways to let your child’s teacher know you appreciate their hard work. If you are tasked with organizing a week of activities at your school, here are some fun ideas.

Here are four different signs to print off and place in the Teachers’ Lounge: Teacher Lounge Signs

officially the best teacher

These Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas will help you set up the whole week. Have fun!



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  1. I was looking for directions on how to create your ‘You Rock’ door decoration. It is the one with a guitar and 45 records.

  2. Oh Jessica, I am not sure. I think one of the moms drew it or found an image online. It was several years back and I don’t remember which mom to ask. So sorry!

  3. Hi, where did you find the Super Girl cut out/image for the “Mrs. C. is our Hero” door decoration? Thank you!

  4. Do you know where I could find the Superwoman image on the door for Mrs. C? I’ve been shocked at the difficulty in finding a similar image. Many of them are too sexy to use in a school!!

  5. Love all these great ideas. Thank you for sharing. -Hospitality Chair Mom with 3 kids-

  6. i love my teachers and fellows love them all

  7. you did not help at all! i mean this is a great website but thors are verry cool ideas

  8. I’m the hospitality coordinator for our school and we’ve never decorated doors at our school. I’m totally doing this for our teacher in the hopes that we can maybe do the whole school next year. 🙂 Thanks for the great ideas!

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