Use this free printable teacher gift card holder with a beautiful teacher quote to show your appreciaiton.

Teacher love gift cards. You might also like these teacher gift card holders and more ideas for Teacher Appreciaiton Week.

Teachers are so close to my heart! My mom was a teacher for over 30 years. I remember many afternoons and nights of her grading papers, working on lesson plans, making games and activities for “her kids”, and staying late at the school to organize and decorate her class to encourage little minds!  I never thought much of it growing up, it was just her job.

As I got older and then became a mom myself I realized how amazing her career really was, and how she was driven by a passion for helping children. She, like most teachers, are not driven by success, money, or power and fame…she was driven by the little 5 year old who made pancakes for herself before school on her birthday because no one else was awake.

She was driven by the kids who needed someone to believe in them so they could come out of their shells. She spent her own money and resources many times to help her class. In fact, she loved teaching and being with the kids so much, that even after she retired, she couldn’t leave. Now she is a substitute and works 2-3 days a week at least.

My daughter started kindergarten this past year and I hoped for someone with as much love and passion for teaching as my mom has…then I met the kindergarten teachers at my daughter’s school and they all do! I am so grateful that there are such beautiful people in this world to guide, teach, and love our children when they aren’t with us.

Gifts Teachers Want

I know my mom has gotten an assortment of “thank you’s” over the years, so I asked what she thought she (and other teachers) would prefer the most as a thank you. She replied, “Little gift cards are always nice…it doesn’t need to be much…but they are always useful… or food… food is always great.”

I decide for teacher appreciation week this year, I would combine her suggestions and create a teacher appreciation gift card printable, for food-themed gift cards!

You can find ones for a grocery store or a local restaurant, or you can buy the ones that can be used at a variety of restaurants! There are a lot of options to suit the teacher in your life!

The printable I created to attach the gift card to says “Teachers – feed young minds, make little hearts feel full, and create a hunger for learning”. You can attach the card directly to the striped area using double-sided tape, or you can get a little creative as I did in the photos! I found a little envelope to attach to the Teacher Appreciation card and slide the gift card into, then sealed it with a gold glittery heart. I used baker’s twine to wrap around it so it feels like opening a gift!

You will find more loveliness by visiting KoriClark,com, where I blog when I am not working on beautiful paintings, digital illustrations, and graphic designs!

teacher appreciation pack multiple gift tags

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  1. Your teacher appreciation card is so cute and I would love to use it! However, I wish you wouldn’t work through a third party for me to be able to download it. To have to use them compromises the security of my information on my computer so I don’t use them. 🙁 If there is an alternate way to download, I would love to know!

  2. How do I order the card above? The one for the teacher where you put a rest gift card in it?

  3. Teri, it worked for me. It opens to a new window for printing.

    Love this card! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. Can the whole card with envelopes, twine, glitter heart be purchased at Paper and pigtails etsy store? Do you know what size the individual printable card is?

  5. I’ve been checking out teacher gifts for a few months now and this is by far my favorite! So classy. Will definitely be using this one!

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