How exciting to be apart of the annual Teacher Appreciation Gift event again!

I’m Kim from Today’s Creative Blog, where I blog about all things creative and today I’m sharing my Etched Glass Mustach Beer Mug gift that will be the perfect teacher appreciation gift for male teachers!

Teacher Appreciation Gift for Male Teachers


Teacher Appreciation Gift for Male Teachers

My freshman son has had mostly male teachers the past couple of years, making it difficult to be creative when it comes to gift giving. Depending on how you look at it, I suppose that could be easier. Most men are just happy with a gift card and a simple note. I just can’t do it.  This creative blogger couldn’t possibly just send a note with a gift card…..I mean, what if the word got out?  It could ruin my street cred.

My son has a rather boisterous male teacher for his language arts class who loves our local microbrews.  He’s the type of teacher who doesn’t think twice about suddenly clearing his desk with one sweep of the arm so he can place his chair on top of his desk to read one of the classics to the kids. He certainly gets and keeps their attention and the kids love him. When my son forgot a portion of his homework, he stated “Lucas, good thing you don’t drive me nuts”! Which makes this beer mug and Nuts Printable the perfect and thoughtful gift for him. I’ll add a gift card to one of our local microbrew restaurants with this etched mustache mug full of peanuts and I KNOW he’s going to love it.

I thought glass etching would be great for adding a mustache to the beer mug. It’s so simple and doesn’t take a lot of time. I etched the cutest fish bowl that would also be a great teacher gift for an elementary classroom.

Teacher Appreciation Gift for Male Teachers |

How to Etch Glass

1. Gather your supplies – Glass, vinyl or contact paper, Glass etching solution (I use Armour Etch), paint brush and possibly rubber gloves.

Teacher Appreciation Gift for Male Teachers |

2. Cut your template using a vinyl cutting machine, or using contact paper with a downloaded Mustache shape. (you can find thousands of mustache templates when you google)

3. Place your template on the glass where you want the mustache to be. Rub the template firmly so the edge is sealed for a clean etched line.

Teacher Appreciation Gift for Male Teachers |

4. Using a paint brush, liberally spread the etching paste where you want the glass to look frosty. The directions suggest using rubber gloves when applying the solution.Let it sit for 5-10 minutes.

5. Rinse. Rinse under running water while wiping with an old cloth. (do not allow the paste to come in prolonged contact with a porcelain sink.)

6. Remove template and dry.

7. Add adorable NUTS printable to the handle, fill with peanuts and you’ve got yourself a great gift!

 Teacher Appreciation Gift for Male Teachers |

This no fuss gift will most likely be a welcomed gesture for male teachers.

You can download the NUTS printable on Today’s Creative Blog.

 Teacher Appreciation Gift for Male Teachers |


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Teacher Appreciation Week is the first full week in May. Through all of April I am excited to share some amazing ideas from some of the most wonderful bloggers for my Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas series! It’s a great month! You will be totally prepared with ideas to thank your teachers!


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