If you are looking for different ways to express gratitude, why not try a new language? Today I’m sharing Thank you in Spanish greeting cards and tags, so you can give them to Spanish native speakers, Spanish students, and Spanish-speaking friends.

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Saying thank you is a sign of good manners everywhere across the world, but even more so in Spanish-speaking countries. The Spanish verb agradecer is probably the most common way to “dar las gracias” (saying thank you) in both formal and informal situations. However, if you need different ways to say thank you, we put a few phrases at the end of the blog post. 

Image shows two printable Thank you in Spanish cards that say Gracias and Muchas gracias. From Skip to my Lou
Print these colorful gratitude cards in Spanish!

These free greeting cards and stickers in Spanish are an excellent way to show your gratitude to a close friend from a Spanish-speaking country. They are ready for instant download, simply follow the instructions below to get your own and print as many as needed! 


  1. Download the PDF file of the free printable digital card from the button below.
  2. Open the PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free software available for download online.
  3. Print the card on high-quality card stock paper. You can also email or upload the file to a local print shop for a very professional print.
  4. Cut out the card.
  5. Fold the card in the middle.
  6. Write your own personal message inside the card or on the back of the card. 
  7. Sign the card and add any finishing touches you like, such as stickers or drawings. Take a look at our list below if you need some inspiration. 
  8. Place the card in an A2 invitation envelope, address it to the recipient, and send it on its way.


Printable thank you in Spanish card that says gracias.
Such a simple yet elegant card!

¡Muchas gracias!

Printable thank you in Spanish card that says muchas gracias.
Another colorful card ready to be printed!

Thank you in Spanish tags

Printable thank you in spanish stickers tags
Print these stickers for your gifts, too!

Download Thank You In Spanish PDF File

Other expressions of gratitude and common ways to say thank you in Spanish 

Some are used in different contexts, which we tried to explain in parentheses. So next time you’re looking for a nice phrase to express appreciation beyond the simple gracias, try one of these new words.

  • Muchas gracias / muchísimas gracias – Thank you so much 
  • Mil gracias / un millón de gracias – Much thanks
  • Se lo agradezco (polite way) / estoy agradecido / estoy muy agradecido – I am grateful
  • Te debo una – I owe you one 
  • Gracias por todo – Thank you for everything
  • Gracias de todos modos – Thank you anyway 
  • Te lo agradezco mucho – I am very grateful to you
  • Muy amable de tu parte – Very kind of you
  • Gracias de todo corazón – Thank you from the bottom of my heart 
  • No sé qué haría sin tí – I don’t know what I’d do without you 
  • Te doy las gracias – I thank you so much
  • No sé qué decir – I don’t know what to say (for those times you feel so much gratitude that you don’t know how to express it)

Want more free printable cards?

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