Use this printable thank you sign coloring page to thank someone virtually! Print, color and hold up for your favorite teacher or someone who needs a big thanks.

If you prefer to send a card print these pretty thank you cards right at home. Check out all these amazing ideas to thank teachers.

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Thank You Sign Coloring Page

There are two versions. One page has a place to write who you are thanking and from who. Download the file, print in black and white on cardstock or copy paper. Use crayons or markers to brightly color the sign.

Next time you see your special person online you will be able to hold up the sign! It would be totally cool to have a whole class of students display their sign on a zoom call and have one person take a screenshot. What a wonderful memento for a teacher.


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thank you sign printabledownload printable

A simple thank you is a powerful way to acknowledge another person and make them feel loved and valued. Did you know thankfulness helps you too? Research shows that people who are more grateful are actually healthier.

In these uncertain times focusing on what’s good in our lives and being thankful for the things we have can actually make us feel happier and more connected. People who are grateful and appreciative are typically less stressed and less depressed. Focusing on the positive with a good dose of gratitude can be the perfect antidote for situations where we have little control and might be feeling anxiety.

So who can you thank today and bring joy to both of you?

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More Simple Ways to Say Thank You

These easy ideas will help you show your appreciation and ❤️

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  1. I put this sign on my front door to thank all the delivery people who have brought necessities (mostly) during the virus.. They have been life savers!

  2. We love these! So easy to print and the kids loved coloring them! Thank you for these fun printables!

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