A friend sent me the best gift this week (actually, an entire box of best gifts) but the one that has kept me busy are these leaf pie crust cutters (I have made 5 pies in the last two days). I have had such a great time decorating my pies with these cutters.  They are fabulous. Each cutter is spring loaded so when you push the plunger it leaves a beautiful imprint.

If they are still available, run don’t walk to Williams Sonoma (sorry they are no longer available at their online store) to get some!  They are simply amazing!—-just like my thoughtful and generous friend!

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  1. Just wanted to let you know you can find these cute cutters at Michaels craft store. I just bought a set for $7.99 and they also have 50% off one original prices items so an even better deal…. I didn’t have a coupon so I paid full price…… Still a great deal

  2. Those are awesome!! I want some… hmmm. By the time I get to the mall, though, they will be guaranteed to be out of stock. Dang it!

  3. Ooooh, I love these. Much more beautiful and detailed than the little cookie cutters I use. What a great gift!

  4. I have some of these and I loooooooove them. Williams-Sonoma has them every year, so if they run out this year, and anyone wants them, start looking for them in the early fall catalog or online next year. You’ll love them!

  5. Wouldn’t those leaf shaped pastries look great on a pot pie? They certainly dress up the holiday pies nicely. Thanks for sharing and hooray for friends.

  6. Those pie cutters look amazing and lots of fun. Enjoy them. I might have to get some myself!

  7. Awesome! As a recipient of one of these beautiful pies (pecan- my favorite! Thanks Cindy!) I can’t wait to purchase some of these darling shape cutters! I love to bake and while I am putting some finishing touches on my pies today- I am thinking ahead to the next holiday time when I can add these cutouts to my dishes! Great invention!

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