I love hanging decorations and it can be as easy as using lunch sacks! Simple white lunch sacks made my niece’s bridal lunch magical but they needed to come down…. or did they?


Paper Bag Snowflakes

It couldn’t have been any easier to turn the paper sack flowers into paper sack snowflakes. I took them down. I carefully removed the adhesive and folded them back flat. I cut holes in the edges, opened up glued them once again, and hung them back up as snowflakes for the winter. Easy!

If you want to make hanging decorations I have a full step-by-step paper sack flower tutorial. Please see my red stars we used for the Fourth of July.


I must credit Martha Stewart for the original idea to make lunch sack flowers. I am enthralled with this idea. I think that ones made from pastel bags would be lovely for Easter. Oh, wait, maybe red and white ones for Valentine’s Day…………..okay I just can’t let this idea go! I got a lot of mileage out of $1.29!

More Lunch Sack Crafts

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  2. These are so gorgeous! I would love to make with my class to get us through the cold days of January. Could I please get the directions?

    I am so impressed with your site~ so glad I stumbled upon it!

    Merry Christmas,


  3. I saw your amazing snowfalkes through google. I’m hosting my a dinner party for my friends. It’s the first Annual Friends holiday party. I was curious if you were sharing your secret of how to make these. Im hosting the event in my basement for 30ppl and thought this would look great hanging from the celing.

    Jen Deeken


  4. Hi,
    These are gorgeous. I like to make them for my granddaughter’s wedding. Where did you find bags that large? And can you give better directions than are on the Martha Stewart site> Many thanks.

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