I was recently asked to give a sleep number bed a test drive. This couldn’t have been a more wonderful opportunity because I was not sleeping well at night. Each day I would wake up with a horrible back ache. So I couldn’t have been happier.

The bed was delivered and the delivery men took care of the set up and made sure we knew how everything worked before they left.

The bed was right at home!

Trouble in Paradise

We woke up from our first night sleep miserable. It had been the worst night’s sleep. I was  worried because I knew I couldn’t possibly review this bed. Thankfully, friends told us to adjust our numbers and give the bed another chance. It took a few days but I can now honestly say I wouldn’t know what to do without this bed. It is amazing!

In Love!

Each night we go to bed enveloped in comfort!

I love that:

  • I don’t notice my husband rolling over or leaving the bed.
  • the mattress forms to my body, yet provides plenty of support
  • we can each individually select our numbers
  • the special CoolFit™ foam with gel technology provides a cool, soothing sleeping surface that breathes
  • I wake up rested with no body aches!

Learn more about the new Sleep Number m7 Bed. Believe me you will sleep like a baby!

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I received a free Sleep Number® m7 Memory Foam bed to review from Select Comfort / Sleep Number for this post.


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  1. I wish that we had someone set up our bed (oh the perks you get when they know you will be reviewing the product!), I installed the center foam piece wrong and it took a week of hating the bed before I figured out what was wrong (the customer service was good to work with)
    I love my sleep number bed. It was wonderful to change the numbers when I was pregnant and needed a softer bed. My hips are so happy that I got this bed!
    Another perk is that when we moved, we were able to put our king-sized bed in the back of our minivan!
    We have had the bed for 4 1/2 years and don’t regret spending the the money on it. If we had purchased a less expensive mattress set, we would have needed a new one by now for sure!

  2. OMG! We have had a sleep number bed for two yearsnow and hate sleeping without it. Our only problem has been right after we moved we had to readjust it a couple times because the movers didn’t know how to move it.

  3. We just bought a top of the line bed, and I STiLL wake up all sore and broken. I would love to wake up without the pair….and sorry I didn’t try this bed.

    I usually like a really firm bed..what number did you get for you? ie, was it considered firm or softer? I’m asking because I’m wondering if I got too firm a bed!!!

    Thanks for the review. I might just cut my losses with this recent purchase. There is nothing worse than waking up and feeling all broke.

  4. Vacations are heaven but I sure can’t wait to get home to my Sleep Number bed! Love it!

  5. We have had a sleep number for YEARS. Let’s just say ours is so old that the remotes are not wireless. We love it. We will probably replace it with a newer one when we move soon.

  6. We have one too, and it is AMAZING for pregnant women! I was half way through my first pregnancy when I realized “Duh, I can change my number!” From then on out my back pain was reduced considerably. The only negative for us is that my husband’s side is what I call the “ditch” so we can’t exactly cuddle on common ground. But honestly, we have a newborn, so sleep tops cuddling any day of the week! ;D

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