Free printable tic tac toe Valentines are perfect to hand out to a crowd.  Easy to make and they not only share a sweet treat but also fun and games!

Looking for more classroom valentines we have over 100 free printable Valentine cards and these Valentines with cute sayings.

printable tic tac toe Valentine with m&ms

Tic Tac Toe Valentine Supplies

tic tac toe printable m&ms ribbon

How to Make the Cutest Tic Tac Toe Valentines

Print out the Valentines on white cardstock in color. Print actual size. Cut apart. Place a fun size pack of candy inside and fold ends together.

m&ms inside valentine with hole punch at side

Punch a hole at the top making sure to catch the edge of the candy wrapper to keep it securely fastened inside. Tie together with a piece of ribbon. Use a stapler to make it even easier!

punch hole at top of folded tic tac toe

Now you and your Valentine can play a sweet game of tic tac toe!

tic tac toe game with candy pieces

These Valentines are small making it really economical to pass out to loads of people.  If you want to give a larger candy treat be sure to look at this Sweetart Tic Tac Toe Valentine.

Personalized Tic Tac Toe Valentines

Now if you want to get really fancy hop on over to my shop and grab the editable version. You can add names to the Valentine before printing for a totally custom tic tac toe Valentine for just a couple of bucks!personalized tic tac toe Valentine

Valentine’s Day FUN!

The fun doesn’t stop there! Take a moment to browse all the fun Valentin’s Days Ideas




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