…so we are celebrating with custom pillowcases and made beds (well some of us are — remember I also have teen boys)!


To make our custom pillowcase we used Crayola Fabric Markers (I found them at Michael’s Arts & Crafts and used a coupon) and a plain white pillowcase.


These markers are great! Bella literally spent hours working on her pillowcase.  She is really into hearts as you can see!  She asked me to draw a heart shape. The pillowcase was thin enough that I slipped a paper with a heart drawn on it in the middle and she could see it well enough to trace.  It would be fun to use coloring book pictures as templates also.  A child could easily decorate anyway they like, but if they seem intimidated have them make a drawing first on paper and then they can trace it.

** Make  sure you place a piece of cardboard inside the pillowcase to keep the markers from bleeding through to the other side. Read package directions for setting the fabric.**


Really the possibilities are endless for this craft—- slumber party or birthday crafts, gifts, etc.. They could even be further embellished with bits of fabric, trims and embroidery.

Bella loves her new pillowcase!


If you would like to try out these awesome fabric markers please leave a comment on this post before Tuesday at midnight CST. Crayola is giving FIVE lucky readers a set of fabric markers!

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