These Tootsie Pop Pumpkins make a fun Halloween craft for kids.  We usually make tootsie pop ghosts and spiders, but this year we changed it up with Tootsie Pop Jack-o-lanterns.

tootsie pop pumpkin tutorial

How to make Tootsie Pop Pumpkins

Orange tissue paper

Reinforcement circles

Tootsie Pops

Floral tape

Cut a six inch circle from tissue paper. Cut a double thickness. We used a 6 inch cake pan to draw around to make the circle.

Place a reinforcement circle in the center.  This will keep the tissue paper from tearing. It can be placed on the inside.

Push Tootsie Pop stick through the reinforcement circle.

Gather up the two layers of tissue paper and twist tightly. We had to scrunch the wrapper up a bit.

Using floral tape wrap around the twisted orange part to create a stem.


…unless your favorite little girl wants to turn them into jack-o-lanterns.

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