Just a little clue to the theme of our float! I am making these little favors for my breakfast table this year to go with the patriotic pinwheels.

I took about a 3″ circle of tissue paper and glued it to the top of a toilet paper roll. Next I printed the Uncle Sam Hat Party Favor download on card-stock. I used a glue stick to attach it to the toilet paper roll. I then filled the tube with goodies and attached a 3″ red card-stock circle with a glue gun. I printed the circles on a piece of red card-stock to make it easier for me. You can find what I used for the brim of the hat here. (Make sure you print full size–no scaling, so the downloads fit the toilet paper roll properly.)

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  1. These items work great for my family childcare! Thank You for having these available.

  2. I just clicked on this after looking at the ladybug valentines and this is so cute. I am throwing a family friendly party for St. Patrick’s Day. I am going to use this for a leprechaun hat and fill it with gold coins for the kids. Love it!

  3. When I first saw your Uncle Sam hats, I didn’t know they were small and made with TP tubes…. I immediately thought “Oatmeal container!!!” I am so making one of these 🙂

  4. these are so cute! I have to say, you have one of the coolest, neatest blogs EVAH lol

    I’m going to vote for you in the awards too!!:)

    thanks for all you do!

  5. I loved the the hat favors. Plan on using them. They are so cute. Thanks , so much for sharing the pattern.

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