You can plan the best Valentine’s Day Party EVER with these fun and creative Valentine games! If you’re in charge of this year’s classroom party, these clever ideas and free printables will make it a breeze.

I tend to find myself a little rushed to pull it all together last minute, thus the reason why one of my New Year’s resolutions is to get organized. That’s why I am prepared for this year’s Valentine’s Day classroom parties! Looking for more fun activities? Check out these cute Valentine coloring pages!

valentine games with conversation hearts

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Valentine games perfect for a classroom party

As a grade school room-parent, it seems like the Valentine party games are always the last item parents sign up for on the party volunteer sign-up sheet. Hey, I get it! Finding creative fun Valentine Day party games to entertain a room full of kids (who’ve been snacking on candy and sugar cookies all afternoon) can be a scary and overwhelming task. But someone has to do it, and I’m hoping these ideas simplify your search!

There are so many great Valentine game ideas here that can be used for any grade. I say simple is best! These Valentine Games are a sure-fire hit with kids.

mittens and kittens game - pink mitten covered hands holding a red chocolate kiss

Mittens & Kisses Game

We played this classroom game with my daughter’s class and it was a big hit! It is super easy, uses supplies found at home, and of course, kiddos get to eat a Hershey kiss.

To play, create two separate lines of kids. You can divide into a boys line and a girls line, or number the kids off for two even lines. I dump two bags of kisses onto a desk and give each person in the front of the line a pair of mittens (not gloves).

The object is to grab a kiss from the desk, unwrap it, (a bit clumsily with those mittens) eat it, and then pass the mittens to the next child in line. The winners are the first team to have everyone in the line unwrap and eat a kiss. This game is great at any age, and even adults and teachers can get into the fun! 

You can also use a pair of oven mitts to make it a little harder, and fair warning – the gloves may need washing after the game!

Hearts to Hearts Printable Valentine Card Game

This Hearts game plays just like the popular game Apples to Apples and is a perfect easy card game for kids.

hearts to hearts Valentine card game - white bowl filled with candy message hearts and pin and purple playing cards

Free Printables for Valentines Games

Have you ever played Don’t Eat Pete? Don’t Eat Val printable game is a fun take on that game and perfect for Valentine’s Day. The best part: print off the free game cards, grab some candies, and you are ready to play!

Don't eat Val for Valentines day - playing card divided into squares with various fox images printed in them and candy hearts sitting on each square

Printable Valentine Bingo GameS

Kids love bingo games and it is an easy way to fill the time! Use conversation hearts to make this Valentine bingo festive! Print the bingo cards for free.

bingo valentine game, by Sweet Anne

Valentine Matching Game

This Valentine matching game from Creations by Kara is a fun game that comes with a sweet reward!  When you make a successful match, you get to eat the kisses…or keep them for later.

chocolate kiss Valentine matching game - 42 kisses with images attached to the bottoms that are to be matched

Who Do You Love?

This is a classic game with a Valentine twist from the Spruce.  All you need is the student’s classroom chairs!

  1. Arrange the chairs in a circle so that the seats are facing inside.
  2. The player who is “it” stands in the center of the circle, and the other kids sit in the chairs facing her.
  3. The “it” approaches one of the seated children and says, “Who do you love?” The player who is approached must come up with an answer, such as “I love everyone wearing pink” or “I love everyone who has a dog,” and then anyone wearing pink or who has a pet dog must stand up and scramble to find a new seat.
  4. Players cannot shift to the seat next to them, should it become vacant. They must move at least two chairs away from their original spot.
  5. In the meantime, the player who is “it” should try to sit down in one of the vacant chairs.  Once everyone finds a spot, the one player left standing becomes the new “it” and must then approach a seated player and ask, “Who do you love?

Cupid’s Arrow

Cupid's Arrow Valentine game - red and blue q-tips and drinking straws (the bow and arrows)

We played this Cupid’s Arrow game from the Helpful Homemaker at a third-grade class party.  It takes a little prep work, as in buying the supplies – which you can find cheap at the dollar store, but the kids loved it!

Valentine Minute to Win it Games

valentine minute to win it game - candy message hearts stacked up, game by

Over at Makoodle, I found this great list of “minute to win it games” with a Valentine theme.  I think that these would be especially great for some of the older kids that always seem hard to plan for.

These games take a few supplies, like plastic bowls, marshmallows, and quite a bit of Valentine Candy.  You will need to be organized, and get the kids organized into teams. Once that is done, I guarantee these “minute to win it games” will be a big hit! Kids love the excitement when the time runs out!

Want more? Here is some more fun minute to win it games” for kids that can easily be adapted as Valentine’s Day games for kids.

Valentine’s Day Bean Bag toss

This bean bag toss game by Real Creative and Real Organized is super fun and interactive for class parties. You’ll need colored paper, markers, and tape to make the target. It’s so simple to make. Once made grab some bean bags and let the fun begin.

Valentine's Day bean bag toss, four tears of hearts with points in each layer with three bean bags

Heart Templates

The kids are sure to love all these Valentine’s day games, but If you are crafting at your party you might like these heart templates. With these free heart-shaped templates, it is easy to create all sorts of projects, from a hanging heart banner to construction paper Valentines.

We have used them for a puzzle game. Print template on colored paper. Cut the paper hearts like a puzzle. Give each child half of the heart and ask them to find the match.

Heart Templates

Valentine Printables

With all of this game excitement, don’t forget about the Valentines!  Giving out Valentine cards is such a fun tradition and I love helping my kids create unique and homemade cards for their class and teacher.  I’ve put together this great list of 50 Classroom Valentines and a list of cute Valentine sayings that you can simply attach to a piece of candy for a simple and clever Valentine. Here are over 100 printable Valentine cards.

Kids Valentine Cards

I hope these Valentine’s games will help save you time while party planning.  Enjoy those sweet classroom parties!  I know that they can be a lot of work, but the smiles and laughter are worth it. And beware, the years go by fast and you will soon be planning Valentine’s dances in high school…EEEEK!

Classroom Party Tip

One last thing – keep these would you rather questions or kids jokes handy just in case you have a few minutes to fill! Word scrambles, word searches, and coloring pages are other items to have ready just in case. The kids can always take them home if you run out of time. Human tic tac toe is always a hit and the best time filler. You never want them to see you sweat! 😀

Hope you have a fun Valentine’s Day party!

I would love to keep you fully stocked with creative ideas, yummy recipes, fun crafts, and loads of free printables. Subscribe to Skip to my Lou to get new ideas delivered to your inbox. Follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram for all my latest updates.

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