Valentine’s Day worksheets are perfect free Valentine’s Day activities for little ones who like to learn and play. Head’s up, this printable Valentine Day worksheet pdf will give you AND your favorite little sweethearts some fun!

Here at Skip to My Lou, we love Saint Valentine and want to provide fun Valentine Day projects! Kids will also love these Valentine Placements, so try this festive decoration and brain booster all in one.

maze worksheet to help cupid find the heart for kids

Valentine’s Day Worksheets

The Big Day is just around the corner, so it’s time to start planning your celebration! If you’re looking for a few fun activities to do with your kids, we’ve got you covered.

Valentine’s Day worksheets are a great way to get into the spirit of the holiday and have some fun while learning something new. So if you’re looking for a Valentine math worksheet, maze, I Spy or crossword puzzle, check out the free printable below for these and more!

kid's cute find 10 hearts worksheet
find matching cupids worksheet for kids
kid's addition worksheets with kissing lips
valentines I spy worksheet for kids
for kids what comes next worksheet with valentine pictures
valentines crossword with pictures
kids valentine word search very easy

Supplies needed

  • Copy paper or card stock, your choice!
  • Printer
  • Pencils
  • Eraser
  • Colored pencils, pens, crayons or markers
  • Table covering to keep the work surface safe in case markers bleed through paper.

Instructions and suggestions

  • Download and print on the paper of your choice.
  • Copy on one side only since colors could bleed through if you copied front and back.
  • Talk with your little ones while they work on each activity and let them teach you!
  • Teach them the strategy of coloring in each object of the I Spy in a different color. Then, when finding the total, cross out the object as you count so you will know that you have already counted it.
  • On the Valentine’s Day math worksheet How Many Kisses, your little ones can practice addition and subtraction if you ask them questions at the end like, “How many would you have if Cupid came over and took one?”

More Valentine’s Fun

Here are more things to do for your best Valentine’s so far!

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  1. Sent these to my mom (who is a school teacher) and her students loved them! So fun, interactive and perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day!

  2. Thank you so much for this amazing valentine worksheets ideas! Super fun and very helpful! Will surely use this! Highly recommended!

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