Washi Tape Light Switch Covers are a quick and easy no mess idea that costs less than a couple of dollars to make. Children will have fun making these decorative accessories for all their friend’s rooms.

Another fun kids activity using washi tape is to make a stationary set or notebook kids can use.  For more crafts and activities for kids check out this diy invisible ink tutorial. Have you tried your hand at making slime or oobleck? Too fun!

light switch covers

Light Switch Covers

We love making handmade gifts around here and these light switch covers are a fun gift.  Have your child check out their friend’s room on the sly to know if they need a light switch cover for one, two or more openings. Also, have them notice the colors of their friend’s room so you can get the perfect colors of washi tape to match. These get a good deal of wear so a coat Mod Podge for durability is a good idea. My friend Amy will tell you what is Mod Podge! She is an expert!

Light Switch Cover Supplies

  •  cover plates
  • washi tape
  • foam brush
  • mod podge

light switch cover supplies

DIY Light Switch Covers

Remove screws from plate and begin covering the cover with the washi tape.  Make sure tape overlaps to the back.

light switch applying washi tape

Apply tape to entire plate. It is okay to cover the hole.

light switch cover covering hole

With scissors or an xacto knife make a slit in the hole and fold the washi tape the back of the cover. Take the screw and punch through the screw holes.

light switch cover cutting opening

Give the the washi tape plate a coat of mod podge.

light switch cover mod podge

Once completely dry you are ready to wrap it up and give! Be sure to make one for yourself. There you have it! A quick and easy DIY project for kids to decorate their room! They will be so proud to have it on display. You can also make painted light switch covers. Here are some more DIY kids bedroom ideas.

Before You Go

Thank you so much for stopping by to check out this easy, fun and cool project for kids of all ages! You may awaken the inner decorator in your kiddos with this project! Let me know in the comments how they liked it!

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  1. what a cute little idea. we are in the process of moving into a house we just bought and this would be a great idea to perk up a couple rooms. i always enjoy reading your ideas. thanks.

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