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Washi Tape Stationery Set DIY


Hello, Skip To My Lou readers! My name is Ashley, and I’m the woman behind She Makes a Home blog and Ashley Pahl Paper Goods. It seemed fitting to bring you a paper goods project, since that’s what I know best. If you’re in need of a quick gift this summer, you can do this yourself or get the kids involved – it’s perfect for a rainy day craft!


Washi tape projects are everywhere lately, but there’s a good reason for that: they’re so much fun! This DIY washi tape stationery project is simple, and when all put together it makes for a colorful and useful gift.



supplies for washi tape stationery

– Washi tape – use a colorful assortment, or limit it to a few colors and patterns to keep the project coordinated

– card stock – white, kraft, or your choice

– envelopes

– scissors, or a craft knife (with adult supervision)

– a shoe box or photo box

– markers or pens


additional, optional supplies (whatever you have on hand):

– tag punch

– mini hold punch

– shaped punches (hearts, stars, etc.)

– labels

– wax paper

– cardboard tubes

– twine, string, or yarn

– binder clips or clothespins

– pencils for gifting

– gift wrap or kraft paper

– packaging tape

– small gift tags

– small cardboard gift boxes

– sticker machine

– cutting mat

– paper cutter

– scalloped scissors



Washi Tape Flat Cards

Washi Tape Flat Cards

Start your stationery set off with flat cards. These flat cards can be left blank; they can also be personalized or decorated with greetings.

First, cut your card stock to size. My envelopes were 3.5″ x 5″, so I cut my cards to that size.

Attach a strip of washi tape to the top or bottom of your flat cards. Use a craft knife or scissors to cleanly cut any extra tape off of the edges.

tip: Don’t let your tape scraps go to waste! Save your extra scraps of washi tape on a sheet of wax paper – we’ll be coming back to this later in the post!

Leave your flat cards blank if you like. You can also use markers or pens to personalize them with your recipients name, or a short greeting.

Handwritten lettering is very popular right now, so don’t worry if your penmanship isn’t perfect!

Cut a thin strip of paper to wrap around your finished cards and secure with a swatch of washi tape.

Washi Tape Note Cards

Washi Tape Note Cards

Go wild creating eye-catching patterns with washi tape! To make these note cards, start by cutting your card stock to fit in your envelopes. For folded cards, I cut mine to 5.5″ x 4″ when folded.

Layer your washi tape on the front of your folded notes; you can try a lattice pattern; stripes; a chevron pattern, etc. Neatly trim any excess tape and save on your sheet of wax paper.

Washi Tape Greeting Cards

Layered Greeting Cards

You can also turn your folded note cards into a set of ready-to-go greeting cards. Use common phrases such as “happy birthday” or “congratulations” to be sure they’ll get a lot of use.

For this design, I put down a strip of washi tape on the bottom front flap of the card. I used my border scissors to create a scalloped edge, and layered an additional strip of washi tape on the inside bottom edge of the card. Topped off with hand-written lettering and tiny, washi tape hearts these make for very special cards!

Washi Tape Binder Clips

Washi Tape Binder Clips

Add a little punch of color to your stationery set with decorated binder clips. This part of the project is extremely easy: simple cover the front and backs of the clips with your coordinating washi tape, and trim the edges. Use them to hold your note cards together, or package them in a little a box.

Washi Tape Envelope Seals

Washi Tape Envelope Seals & Round Tags

Embellishments for envelopes and gifts are easy. Take a few strips of your favorite washi tape and place them in rows on sturdy card stock. Use a round hole puncher – 1″ – 2″ wide – and punch down the strip of layered tape. Insert the circles into a sticker machine, and you now have a set of envelope seals!

No sticker machine? No problem! Punch the circles with a small hole punch and thread with twine or floss to make little round gift tags.

Mini Washi Stickers

Mini Washi Stickers

This is when your leftover pieces of washi tape come into play. Punch through the washi tape layered on top of wax paper with shaped punches. These are now little stickers!

If you have a sticker machine, you can also make mini stickers using the round seal method above, mixed in with a few solid card stock stickers to make a whole sheet of them.


Washi Tape Envelope Flaps

Washi-Tipped Envelope Flaps

If you don’t or can’t make stickers, you can add a bit of pizzazz to your envelopes by layered a strip of washi tape over the tip of the envelopes. Just follow the edge of the flap with scissors to get a straight edge, and save your left-over tape on wax paper.

Washi Tape Gift Tags

Washi Tape Gift Tags

If you have a gift tag punch start making plain gift tags to layer with washi tape. For added fun, include a few colored tags, glittler tags, patterned tags, etc. Layer washi tape on an angle across your tags; you can also do it horizontally, vertically, latticed, or just the corners! Punch with a mini punch and thread with bakers twine (or whatever you have on hand).

Washi Tape Labels

Washi Adorned Labels

Dress up a few sheets of plain white labels with washi tape! I cut mine into triangles, and also used my mini washi stickers to decorate a sheet. You can leave them blank to keep them versatile, or you can turn them into address labels, gift labels, etc.

Washi Tape Decorated Pencils

 Washi Tape Decorated Pencils

No stationery set is complete without writing utensils! Dress up a set of mini pencils, twig pensils, or even No. 2 pencils with stripes of washi tape. I’d place the tape towards the top of the pencils since they’ll need to be sharpened.

I packaged my pencils in a card board tube wrapped with wax paper, and secured with a washi tape stripe. Pinch and twist the ends with your fingers, and tie with colored yarn or twine. It looks like a sweet piece of candy! For bigger pencils, use paper towel rolls.

Washi Tape Packaging

Packaging for your stationery set

Using a shoe box or photo box, you can easily wrap it up with wrapping paper or kraft paper. I liked my hot pink box, so I only wrapped the lid. Begin wrapping it like any other gift  – just wrap the top and bottom of the box separately. Create a design of your choice on the wrapped parts of the box, and use a metallic marker if you wish to personalize the box.

And that’s it! You now have a colorful, coordinated, and complete handmade stationery set!

Washi Tape Stationery Set

If you give this project a try, I’d love to see how yours turns out! You can find me on my blog, Facebook, or Pinterest.

Happy crafting,



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  3. What an amazing complete set of washi tape crafts. Love all the packing ideas especially the gift tags. I would definitely try that out next time I wrap a present. Thank you!

  4. This is so COOL! I love all of the ideas and how it comes together to make a complete set! I have pinned this and am thinking it would be a great holiday gift! Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. Vio, I’m glad you liked the post! I used to use washi tape just for packaging, but I’ve had so many crazy ideas lately. I would have shared more, but I didn’t want to make the post too crazy-long. If you end up making anything with it, I hope you share it on your blog!


  6. I did not realize how many things you can make with washi tape!!!.. I’ll never pass it in store anymore.. :)Thanks!!!

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