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My kids and I had so much fun creating these sock animals to slip over their water bottles. We had lots of laughs as our creations morphed into what we were hoping they would become. What little boy doesn’t want a Ninja Turtle to hold onto while taking a sip of water during T-ball? Can you believe how the blue dog turned out? My son was very particular about how it should look!


  • Socks (ours are from Dollar Tree)
  • Stuffing or Cotton Balls
  • Embroidery Floss
  • Sewing Needle
  • Buttons
  • Felt Sheet
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

How To: (click on the photos to see them larger)

  1. Select your socks, floss and buttons.
  2. To create the nose or muzzle area, turn the sock inside out and place stuffing in the heel of the sock. If you want the nose area to be oblong, pinch the top of the heel to the bottom of the heel and sew together (i.e. turtle). For round nose area see below.
  3. If you want the nose area to be round, cut a circle of felt and sew it over the heel full of stuffing.
  4. After the nose area is complete, slide the sock onto your water bottle. Use embroidery floss to sew on the nose, eyes and other details you want on the face.
  5. To create the ears, cut a slit in the top of the sock. Ears can then flop down or you can tie a piece of embroidery floss around the bottom of each ear to make them stand up as we did with blue dog. For the bunny we used a second sock and cut it in half and sewed it onto the polka dot sock to make long floppy ears.
  6. Finish up your animal sock cozy by adding any extra details. Then slide it over your favorite water bottle and fill with an icy cold drink!

    Got extra socks make this Sock Cupcake Gift!

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